The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."


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Apr 12, 2005
San Francisco area, CA, USA
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I found a typo in my english teacher's own textbook she's written. She said all of the english teachers that have reviewed it so far, from across California and other states, all missed this one. She said she'd give me some "bonus points". Should I ask for a co-writer or editor credit instead? ;)

I pride myself on being the one who always seems to be able to find them, and this really cemented that feeling.

My favorite one was a Chinese restaurant that has had an awning outside since at least 2009 (according tot he google street view history) with their own custom lettering on it. It was up for 10 years. Seemingly they never noticed, and if anyone saw it they never told them, that it said "MANDRAIN" in stead of "MANDARIN"

Another time, I jokingly asked the worker behind the counter, working at the pizza place in the mall's foodcourt, what the extra "Z" was for in their name, "Express Pizzza". She asked me what I meant, so I pointed to her shirt with the restaurant logo. She looked down, very confused. She then grabbed a menu so she could see it right-side-up. Then she leaned way over the counter to try to look up at the neon sign with their logo above the counter, and she started laughing. She said she had been wearing this damned shirt and walks past the neon sign for 2 years and never noticed the extra "z" in "pizzza".