The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

The first inspections of the year have been made and I have installed a camera. Fingers crossed that the birds will still accept the box and the camera will tolerate the environment.

Yay! We have a lodger!


I finished the wiring just in time because obviously, you simply cannot buy the correct USB cable on the first attempt.

Well, I replaced a part in my washing machine. The intake valve thingy leaked, so I ordered a replacement (very smooth: LG has a website for spare parts, you can search by model number, the parts have pictures so even people as illiterate about such things as I am can find what they need) for just €30 on Sunday. That was delivered yesterday, so today I could replace the faulty part which was just a 30 minute job, including a test run of the 6-minute "flush" program.

So, that was by far the most productive thing today. Including my 8 hours of actual work. :D
I celebrated getting my German drivers license by having a Spaghetti Eis.

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at was by far the most productive thing today. Including my 8 hours of actual work. :D
Work can sometimes give you such as satisfied feeling :ROFLMAO:. Yesterday at work the most exciting part of my entire day was my odometer first reaching 99999km and then going to 100000:ROFLMAO:. It's not even the first time it did this since the original instrument panel including odometer was replaced somewhere between 145-150k km.

Thankfully not all days are like that.
Two days of workshops with a bunch of people who do the same thing as me (I'm sorta alone in my company, so I have to have my therapy sessions with other people doing the same stuff at other utilities). In Cologne. Which meant I got to "commute" by bike for two days. 10km each way. Perfect!
I'm already annoyed at having to drive again tomorrow (even if it takes just 10 or 15 minutes more).
My 10 year old son got one of those DIY simple electronics kits for his birthday a while back to make a simple gameboy like handheld with dot matrix led's with a couple of games like Tetris and snake. He never held a soldering iron before or did anything like this, but after showing him once and some extra instructions every now and then he completed it all by himself. The visible joy on his face before, during and afterwards combined with how well he did it made me quite proud as a rather technical dad who doesn't want to force my kids into sharing the same interests.
Bacon was on sale. Shitty bacon, but still a darn good price these days $2.99/lb. Bought 6 lbs.

Always nice to have. I miss the times my dad had an equipment supplier at work give him two shoebox box size boxes of bacon around Christmas. Wasn’t the best but still very very good. 🥰

I need to have a butcher make some for me here in Germany. I know they can do it. That said when I asked the local Edeka internal supermarket butcher and I was just pointed to the cooling racks. I thought, because I explained that what I have found hasn’t been thick enough, that this meant the person knew of thicker bacon, no, still see through and tears when peeling the sheets of meat away from each other.
Nueske’s, a Wisconsin brand, sells a "Triple-Thick cut" bacon...but mail ordering it is like $26/lb. 😅 Though that is for thr smallest package..."only" about $15/lb if you get the 3.75 lb package.

I imagine it's cheaper in their store, though, much like how O&H/Racine Kringles are like $24 to mail order, but were $8 at Trader Joe's
Aw, baby tits!

wait what?
Somehow, despite being unemployed and broke as all hell, I paid off a loan today? I was curious about the balance, so I logged on, saw it was down to almost nothing, and just paid it off. Neat.

One down, [mumble] to go, I guess.
I don’t even remember when I found out that it is possible to climb into the crown of the Statue of Liberty. It might have been when they closed it after 9/11 or at some later point, but I’ve been wanting to go ever since. Today, I finally did. ☺️

I am a little bit envious. I always wanted to go up there too, but that is no longer possible for me. Will just have to play GTA IV and see it from there.
0. Slept in
1. Had Whitsunday lunch at my parents' place
2. Spent the afternoon on a 160 km country road drive in superb weather (and narrowly avoided a crash caused by brakes fading)
3. Did my taxes