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Sep 24, 2007
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I haven't found a thread like this around yet. Anyway let's see your pets! Tell us a bit about them, and, of course, post your pics.

This is Silas (top) and Hilda (bottom). They're your run of the mill moggy tabby cats, though Hilda in particular has some ginger colouring on her too. We adopted from an animal shelter last February after our old Siamese cat passed on. Yeah, we've always been cat people, never had a dog, but I love dogs too.


Aww, nice kitties

< - Is a cat person. Nothing against dogs though, particularly the smart ones.
This is my cat O'Malley (named after Thomas O'Malley the alley cat from the Aristocats movie). He's nearly 11, an absolute sook and plays up for the camera.



He loves that blue ball, if I try to take it away from him he tries to bite me.

I'm a definite cat person, have always loved them for years :D
I think I have you all beat in the cuteness category


Our Papillon, called Tibeau


Our Pug, called Dipsy

then we have this badass mofo called Charlie :


random funnies :





They're my parents' but i'm their regular babysitter, and will be even more after the move to my new house, so i'll post them here.

This guy is called Snoopy (hey, i didn't name him). He's a 11 year old West Highland White Terrier, and he's a real typical terrier. Loudmouthed, neurotic, dominant, brash, etc. but he's also very sweet, he can't stand it when people cry, he really tries to comfort them, he gets all worked up when people fight, and above all, he's the greatest with kids. He's got a bit of a bad heart and his knees are in a bad shape, which are pretty common among Westies. He's a real cuddlybear too, he loves attention, to the point of attentionwhoring and likes to curl up on your lap.

This guy is called Lucky (again, i didn't name him) he's a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He's everything Snoopy isn't. He's timid, laid back and a bit of a scaredypants. He loves to curl up on his pillow and sleep all day, with a few good walks in between. And licks every inch of exposed skin he can find.

He's grown a bit since then though. As far as cats go, he's pretty awesome. Name's Ollie.

Also have a black Border Collie X called Socks and another mutt called Denver, who's only about 10 months old (dumbass of a dog). We got Socks a few years ago when he was two years old. He was originally on the Fleurieu peninsula and was trained as a sheep dog, but the farmer decided he wasn't any good and was going to shoot him. The farmer's daughter thought that was a bit rough and she gave him to my parents instead. My grandfather used to think that with a bit more thorough training Socks might've actually made a decent sheep dog, and he even wanted to leave the dog on his farm for a few months and train him better, but he's just a pet. All animals live at my parents, I dont have any pets where I live currently.
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No Boss: Now THAT is a seriously cool dog you got there. Always wanted to get a big german shepherd myself...too bad I can't get one for many years to come due to my living situation....a big dog like that isn't a very good choice if you live in a flat in a city....

Here is (or rather was) my hamster, died of old age back in 2003, but 2 ? years is quite an old age for a hamster. Funny little creature


Those are my sister's hands, which makes the hamster look bigger than he actually was in that photo.
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My dog Soccer, short haired dachshund he is 9 year old. Best dog I've ever had.


My dog with his kid Acie who is now my brother's dog.

Another shot of Acie sleeping in my bag when I got home from school.
Unfortunately these are photos of photos. Neither of these are with us today, but they are the only pets my parents have ever had. They both died a long time ago now (before 2002, but I can't recall when exactly). Bella was very shy, and died a few years before Buster, who was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. He was the friendly one, who knew exactly what was what around here :p I remember him much more vividly. He died at a very old age from Leukemia. Bella was hit by a car, which did give us a very strong friendship with some neighbours who brought her in.



I wish we could get more cats, but my sister became allergic to fur after they died, then by the time that had settled down, there is no point because we will both be at uni/the wider world in a year and a half now. And my parents always said they could not afford to keep new ones, so I was left lonely again.

Obviously I am much more a cat person. I just don't get Dogs. You have to walk them all the time, and they don't stay as cute for their entire lives. Sure there are a couple of breeds that do stay cute, but not all. Cats are always pure awesome. They also seem more friendly to me. People say Dogs are 'more loyal' - but doesn't that just mean they want to have sex with your leg or your face every ten minutes? Aw. Now I feel sad for Buster and Bella. :(
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Some old photos from me too, we haven't had pets for a few years. We inherited a budgie called billy and before that we had a rabbit and guinea pig. No photos of the guinea pig i'm afraid because it didn't live long enough for us to buy a digital camera.


Where cats and dogs are concerned, I think I prefer cats, but I do want a border collie. :D
Here's my two-year-old Shetland Sheepdog. His name is Rex.

And here's a picture of him as a puppy.