The Post Your Pets Thread

^^Banshee is rather adorable. If I don't get the door open quick enough, though, this happens!

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The kind of things that make me really miss home; pictures of the dog my parents send me. :p

This one being Saffy finding, and enjoying, my Stig stretch figure. Rubbery goodness, I suppose.

And her supervising the workers as they replace the roof. That is her general position as well; watching the world go by out the front.
Thor and Odin will be ten months old next week. They grow up so fast.









I've posted some other shots from the same set in the cute thread.
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Considering they've just outlawed the use of plastic bags in the ACT (excluding the fast biodegrading ones) those things are now worth a fortune! And you let a cat play with it!!! :eek:

actually, new money maker for you.... blackmarket plastic bags. You'll make a fortune.
:dance: just watch for the coppers at the border
I just surrendered my cat Fifi to the SPCA in preparation for my move back to New England. :cry:

My house seems so empty now.

Goodbye, Fifi - I hope you are able to give your new owners as much love and joy as you gave me the past five years. I love you, little girl.
She hates riding in the car. She yowls and makes a mess in her carrier within 5 blocks. And this would be a 4 and a half day car ride.

Plus, she doesn't help my asthma any.
You know there's pills you can give to the cat to make him more relaxed while on trips, right? Check with your vet. Seriously, giving away your 5-year old pet just because your moving to another place? Pets are like family members, would you give for adoption your 5-year old son just because he would cry all the way during the car trip?