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^ Awwwwwwwww :wub:
Oh my goodness! :heart:

It's so damn cute when they lie together all tangled up like that. Our old Siamese cats used to do that, even sort of lying in a ying-yang formation with their light fur and dark fur nose-to-tail. Our tabbies don't do that as they're not very close, despite also being siblings like the old cats were. Just adorable! :D
SO SWEET. And I can't even +rep, as I need to spread more <3 around. Balls. Help?
Well Odin was lying a little further away from the other two and once I started taking pictures he decided to get up, walk over Thor and Freya and just lie down on top of them. :lol:
The new truck has a failed upper steering column bearing. It's much cheaper to get a replacement steering column out of a junkyard and throw it into the truck than it is to repair the original, not to mention a lot faster. So I went to a junkyard and obtained a complete column.

Unfortunately, most junkyards do not keep the keys to their cars so no key was provided with the column. More importantly, on a Ford of this era you have to have the key (or at least have some way to turn the lock) in order to get the lock cylinder out of the column without damaging it (so you can fit another in its place). You can drill it out, of course, and some people use slide hammers to get it out (without realizing that they screwed up the column when they did that) among other techniques. My solution? Break out the pocket lockpick (the blue thing in bottom center.)

Not wishing to freeze my hands solid by trying it outside, I brought the 'new' column inside to work on. With Indy watching with interest, I had the column ignition lock picked and the cylinder out in less than a minute. :D
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I see your couch licking cat and raise you a window licking dog!

Yaaaaaaaay! I finally got a bunny! I adopted him yesterday. I've been wanting one of my own ever since I moved to Washington, and now circumstances allow it. His name is Bristol, but I'll probably change it (doesn't seem to fit him and sounds like a girl name - suggestions?).

He has a hilarious little mane of fur on the back and top of his head. He's part lionhead, which is a breed that has a "mane" like a lion. He's also part dutch and maybe a bit of dwarf.




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Since Indy has no fear of cars, the only way he gets to go outside is on a lead - a supervised walk.

Here he is after I've put his harness on.


He's not too happy about the harness, but he'll put up with it if it means outside time.




Ha ha, that's so cute.

We tried Odin and Thor on leads and they really didn't like it. We take them outside now occasionally under supervision without the leads.
A lot depends on the cat. Indy seems to be willing to try things, if nothing else.