The Post Your Pets Thread

Synchronized tongues
Got to test the new camera on the cat, obviously. She's happier now it has cooled down from last week. Silly bugger refused to come upstairs where I had the A/C running and she hates being picked up at the best of times, meaning carrying her wasn't a safe option.

I missed the new addition, you're going to have to be careful or the cuteness overload at your place is going to blow the windows out. Kanna is gorgeous, as are the other troublemakers. Do you still have the scaling banana?
She's been a bit wild these past couple of days, Casca can be quite unfriendly, and Zeppeli sometimes tries to push his way into being friendly. Both have the same results though, hissing and tensions 😓

At least now they all accept to be in the same room 🥲

The scaling banana is doing well, here's the new derp next to it:


And a wild Casca for scale!
Hank’s European Vacation!


Hank has made it to Germany safely and is currently sleeping in the back of @thomas’s car while we drive down to the Black Forest. ❤️
Looking down at the French.
...and CHEESE!
As it turns out, the Scaling Banana™ is available from Amazon UK! I couldn't resist. Shows how relatively small Lexi is.

Much like the Flippity Fish, the jury is out as to whether this is for her entertainment or mine. :LOL:

I'll take the dental benefit though if she bites it.