The Post Your Pets Thread

Went to the Burg Staufen castle ruins a couple weeks ago. Hank turned into an airplane.

Curled feets are cute but I can't decide if that smile is cute or creepy.

She likes to play with paper sweet wrappers, instead of all the toys behind her. She did flip the cardboard scratcher over today though and dump all the little bits on the floor. 😀
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I took Hank to the Black Forest, I’m trying to watch for when trees are fall colors. They’re getting close, but Hank stole the show.
We have two dog in/around the house here ('cause it wasn't busy enough already with kids 😅). A 4 year old white Swiss shepherd called Spot, we do get the occasional weird looks when calling a completely white dog "Spot". The kids got to choose the name and there favourite movie at the time was "The Good Dinosaur" with a kid named Spot, who is basically the dog of a dinosaur family.
And a 2 year old beagle Lizzy. The shepherd pretty much behaves like a typical beagle (apart from the actual shepherding behaviour from our kids to birds and other dogs) and the beagle pretty much behaves like a typical shepherd (except for the actual shepherding) :ROFLMAO: .

But both of them are real lovely cuddly dogs and awesome around our kids.

Took hank with me this weekend to visit @gt1750 and walked around the town Johann Gambleputty is from.


Visiting the village goose


Hank visited the local Kebap shop and spent the evening at a neighbors place. Hank really didn’t notice their cat, but the cat was very interested.
A death stare, a wide yawn and a scrunge all in the space of 10 seconds.

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During Saturday’s video chat.

And Sunday at Thomas’.
Bending the rules here to post my rent-a-pet community cat that came free with the villa I've been staying in for the last week. About 6 months old I think, completely manic kitten that went for your legs and anything else that moved. Very cute, almost smuggled it back in the luggage.

We didn't feed it (him I think, family thinks she but I can see tiny balls) but it still spent time with us. We have no idea if anyone owns it but we found out on the last evening that it at least partly feeds itself by catching and eating cockroaches. Probably explains why the only two cockroaches we saw were the two he caught.

Basically just lounged around with us for the week.

Back home now and Lexi is home from her stay at the luxury cattery, which posts regular photos on Facebook.
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Visited a big bench.


Here is what our view was.

IMG_3025 (2).JPG
You'll be happy to know that Casca still fits in the cat tree's cylinder of shame.

Zeppeli using Kanna as a pillow.

And Zeppeli sitting in what remains of their ruined Cat Café. It lasted less than a month before the second floor split in half under the weight of both Kanna and Zeppeli.
You have a nice collection of felines demolition experts
FTFY. :p

They're gorgeous and clearly big characters. About time I put up a new picture of Lexi but I'll wait a bit.