The Post Your Pets Thread

Obviously I am much more a cat person. I just don't get Dogs. You have to walk them all the time, and they don't stay as cute for their entire lives. Sure there are a couple of breeds that do stay cute, but not all. Cats are always pure awesome. They also seem more friendly to me. People say Dogs are 'more loyal' - but doesn't that just mean they want to have sex with your leg or your face every ten minutes? Aw. Now I feel sad for Buster and Bella. :(

Cats suck :p Well, IMO there's a lot of ugly dog breeds (big fat slobbery sloppy mouths, and dogs with pushed snouts like pugs = meh), but for cuteness it's all in the smaller breeds (which also don't need to be walked every day, unlike the big dogs). Pfft, I've only ever known one dog that was a leg humper (a little poodle that didn't get any disipline at all, thus the leg humping), but no, the loyalty of a dog is a wagging tail that always loves you and never gets tired of you... unless he's sleepy *doggy grumble*

I'm petless right now, and my mom doesn't want to get a new dog until the snow's gone. :( Here's my old cocker cross that we had to put down last year (it was cancer, but he lived to the ripe old age of 16). Never knew what kind of dog dad was, but I think it had to have been beagle.
I just don't get Dogs. You have to walk them all the time, and they don't stay as cute for their entire lives. Sure there are a couple of breeds that do stay cute, but not all.

I've heard that same thing from a lot of people, but I find a lot of adult dogs really cute, too. Especially the larger breeds like collies, huskies, retrievers, shepherds, etc.

<--sadly petless. Last pets our family owned were hamsters, one of which ate his cagemate... :|
My big buddy Jack, who I think is a cross between a Siamese and a tabby, hence the thin face, large ears and white chin. He is a happy, playful cat and has never once bitten, hissed or swiped at someone in anger. He was with me for the few years I was very alone in the world, and besides my wife, is my friend of friends. Just a real sweetheart, I'll will be crushed when he passes on.
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My cats are insanely awesome!
Right now we have three cats in reverse order from the picture below: Moe, Stripezillas, and Mittens(he's double pawed).

Moe is extremely teddy bear like, he is huge and yet he has such a squeaky voice. He is the king of our cats, quite literally.

Stripezillas, Stripers for short is a little bunk, he is such a monkey and loves to nest wherever possible,usually my bed as shown in my avvie. His favorite perch however is on top of the fridge. And he also is quite a smart ass!


And then there's Mittens! He is quote a tough one, when he was a kitten he would try to gnaw on my hand when I would rub his belly. He is very talkative and it almost sounds like he is actually talking. I only have pictures of when he was a kitten but they show good size comparison!




Then there are plenty of moments where they don't get along!



And my poor two cats that have either died of old age or had to be put down.
The first was Spike, he was 18 years old and he was a badass! My parents got him at a pet shop where the guy said he had been returned 2 times to which my parents responded he shouldn't be a problem! On the way back, he was in a cardboard box sitting in my mom's lap and he found his way out of the box and popped his head out of the top of the box. He was a great cat, protected me when I was sick, comforted me when I was sad and he had to deal with my crying like a mountain lion when I was a baby! I grew up with him and loved him like a brother, never once did he scratch me when I would grab him and hold him tight. I really miss him, and have him in my thoughts all the time. He just walked out and never came back. My Uncle, cousins, and me searched all over town for him that day and never once did I abandon hope!
Then Poor Tyson, who had to be put down because he had leukemia, he was just four years old! He was great, and was Stripers twin, they never left each others side(partners in crime if you will). And after that day, Stripers has always seemed less like himself. They used to chase each other around and snuggle together. This is him:




Then when my Uncle died, I had a dream where he came the stairs holding Spike and Tyson, announcing that he had found them and they were safe. I will remember this dream for the rest of my life!
This is Bugalugs. She is about ten years old now.


As a Kitten (about 6 weeks old)


Sitting wherever she'll fit


About to get pushed off the kitchen bench


Using her Littermaid .... which is also 10 years old (although not in this photo) and is a "must have"
These are my Budgies




This is Bud. He's your typical bog standard blue budgie. He's noisey, likes people(although hates my brother), being out of his cage ans seems to like posing for the camera.





And this is Mintie. He's a pure white budgie. Like most budgies, hes noisey but unlike Bud, he doesn't like anyone putting hands in his cage or being taken out of his cage. He also seems to take pleasure in destroying the lay out of his cage. Every few days I have to go and put his swings and perches back up because he some how manages to knock them all down.
Her name is Chiquita. She's a purebred Shih Tzu, and is about 8 years old. Was originaly my brother's, but now is under our care.


Right now We've got Agi (pronounced Aggy, short for Argus), a male siamese. He's almost 7, a bit stupid but adorable.


That pic is a few years old, now he's looking a bit older, he's much fatter, and with a few war scars.

The other siamese that we had, Tippy, a female, died a few years ago. She died of old age, she was 18 years old, and I love her still. She was quite the character - very jealous, very smart and knew exactly what she wanted. She was very talkative and loved to to have conversations with us.


That's Agi sitting and Tippy lying down. I love that picture and I always get a bit misty-eyed when I see it.


Tippy in her good days. :)


That's her, I think about a month before she died. She got really skinny, her movements became really stiff and over time, her fur actually became whiter. I miss her so much.
:hmm: hrmmmm, most people on here seem to be cat people, while clearly dogs > cats...

I wonder why this is? :dunno:
^ correct :clap:
It's quite simple - you're wrong :p

Pfft, cats just sit around and do nothing all day. You can't play fetch with them, take them for walks, train them in any meaningful sort of way, and they don't give a shit about you. All they care about is your body heat and whether you feed them or not :p.

Cats can be cool, but dogs are better ;).
Pfft, cats just sit around and do nothing all day. You can't play fetch with them, take them for walks, train them in any meaningful sort of way, and they don't give a shit about you. All they care about is your body heat and whether you feed them or not

Bollocks :p
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IMHO dogs>cats.

Topgearfanatic's case would have not been possible with dogs. Our uncle had a Doberman who was with them for nearly 7 years. They once left it 15Kms away at my other uncle's place as they were going out of town for a week the next day.

The next day, lo and behold! The dog (whose name was blacky - later died of old age) was on the front porch! Thats 15 Kms to traverse in the city!
Pfft, cats just sit around and do nothing all day.

Mostly true - and that's part of why they're cool, they have the life we all wish we did.

You can't play fetch with them

You can't play fetch no, but you can play with them. Besides, it seems a bit dumb of an animal to chase something you threw and bring it back - seems to me the smarter animal would keep on running away with it since you clearly don't want it.

take them for walks

Meh, I don't need a pet to give me a reason to exercise or get outside. I don't get a pet to increase my chores either - a cat is much lower maintenance.

train them in any meaningful sort of way

I also don't get a pet so I can make it a circus clown. You can 'train' a cat to ensure it doesn't go where you don't want it.

and they don't give a shit about you

Incorrect - and this is what I love most about cats, they need to adopt you - they're not just dumbly affectionate to whoever gives them food. When they adopt you, they do indeed give a shit about you - and it's awesome. See, a cat chooses to spend time with you, a dog does it because you're there.


(It was only a matter of time before this thread turned in this direction)
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Ahem ;)

(I'm just trying to poop the party 'cause I got no pet.)