The Post Your Pets Thread

Hunter got all fluffy :eek:

He grew a new sweater for winter! Sadly I had to pick up the old one off the floor over the course of two weeks. :lol:
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Your dog reminds me of


My cat Benjamin has a cat-friend who comes in and visits. His name is Bobby:




No offense, man, but it looks like your place is in bad need of a good cleaning.
No offense, man, but it looks like your place is in bad need of a good cleaning.

Guess what my December project is. :p

That said, it should be cleared up soon - someone thought it would be a good idea to do some ill-fated construction work where I normally keep the XJR so I had to suddenly drag anything perishable (or water-sensitive) back to the house in a hurry. They should have that resolved next week.
^ That's so cute :wub:
It's hard to watch tv when your eyes are crossed, but avatar kitty has figured out the secrets. I wonder if he'd like to play a pricing game? Maybe he's the next contestant on The Price is Right.

Asleep in my lap. This is a huge change from when he first came to stay with me.
So it took me a while to figure it out, but after getting a bath and still smelling like a dog I finally figured out last night that Barkly needs to get his anal glands squeezed dry. Luckily he's going to the groomer on Saturday so it's no biggy. Dog musk, I don't find it to be an overly bad smell (I was one and a half when we got our old dog so my nose is just used to dog smells) but, yeah, I'd rather he not smell really doggy.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled, non-butt related, programming.
Yeah that happens. They can also get wiffy if there's some ear funk going on, but that's a different kind of dog stink.
Technically the anal glands are supposed to express their substance whenever the dog goes poop, so you shouldn't need to express their glands. Plus I've read a bit about it and it actually may cause more trouble down the line :dunno:

Charlie - my KC Cavalier. Not too bright, like his owner, except when it comes to acquiring food!

/EDIT Charlie is back from his back operation - it is pitiful to see him poor chap - paralysed rear end! He has to have hydrothereapy twice a week, and 3x10 mins sessions physio daily - prognosis is good though - fingers crossed.


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"Daaaaaaaaad, put the camera down, I don't want my photo taken"

Very grumbly, but cute, KC.
Garfunkel was upset that I posted pics of the cats and not him. So here he is. He's quite old for a goldfish, about 7 years.