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A cordless router is new one for me....
Yeah of all the tools a router makes sense as corded ones always seem cable hungry to me, alongside circular saws and mowers. I've been watching the Makita cordless router since it was released but I have no reason at all to buy one.
Yeah, routers benefit greatly from being cordless, because you're often changing orientation and directions a lot in one single path. The downside is that they can end up pretty top-heavy. Not that big of a deal, but it's a little easier to lose the balance if you're working over an edge or on vertical planes without a larger base plate for additional stability. I had the Ryobi one, and it was a bit unwieldy. Switched to Milwaukee, and its lower height is much more manageable. So much so that I might consider buying a more compact battery to use with it, if there are small "high output" batteries, because it does work noticeably better with them. Not sure how small they come, though.
You can get a compact 3.0 high output for the router. I own both the standard XC5.0 and CP3.0 and prefer the smaller one, power is actually better with it. Overall runtime is going to be shorter and the warranty is only two years, but I'm not going to burn out a battery that quickly.
Just ordered myself a new set of 5Ah battery for my Hikoki/Hitachi cordless drills. Was originally planning to get me knockoff 4Ah ones but found original 5Ah ones on sale making them only 5euro each more expensive than the knockoff 4Ah ones.

After 5-6years the 3Ah ones I have hardly had half an hour of demanding work left in them when fully charged. Even though they still charge faster than I can drain them it started to get annoying.
Bought a pair of Ryobi battery clones.

After less than a year, one died.

The replaced the dead one with two :cool:
Have a black and decker KSTR8K Jigsaw that every time I've had to use for an important cut, I want to set it on fire :mad:

Has a tendency to drift to the right, even if I have a batten on each side, and then the blade breaks. And another and another...

Might try an new blade or two, but never had a power tool used so little and been so rubbish.
It could be that the blade holder is installed (or got bent) juuuuuust slightly rotated off-center, causing the blade to want to walk towards that direction. That happened to my B&D.
I'm not sure where B&D sits these days, are they still a serious tool manufacturer or do they just make big toys? Their stuff rarely gets tested against even own-brand or Amazon stuff on channels like Project Farm.

My dad had a big old yellow B&D corded drill and I have his old cordless screwdriver, model 9018. That thing is heavy and solid enough to beat someone to death with.
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Thanks for the heads-up, but since I only have Bosch and Ryobi stuff I don't have any suitable batteries for one of those :cautious:
Shame. There are adapters for using Makita 18V LXT batteries on Ryobi 18V One+ tools but I don't know any that would work the other way around.
Shame. There are adapters for using Makita 18V LXT batteries on Ryobi 18V One+ tools but I don't know any that would work the other way around.
They exist, but because of the Ryobi chimney...


For the low low price of $78, shipped.
My €0,02 about cool boxes:

- Peltier boxes. This is your average €49 or €99 12V cool box. Cheap as chips but not very efficient. They can usually achieve a temperature of say 15-20C under ambient which isn't very good for groceries if it's 35C in the car. Leaving it in the car for any length of time will drain your battery. The cheap ones are pretty shit. The first cheap one I bought back in the day basically made one of the walls inside slightly cooler than ambient. I now have a big and fairly expensive but still peltier based box that runs on both mains power and 12V. The cooling hardware is all in the lid. Still not something you want to leave in a parked car, and certainly not something you can run off of tool batteries, but it makes a decent drinks cooler or extra fridge for bigger get-togethers.

- Compressor boxes, like the Makita, or a Dometic or whatever. They work like your average household fridge or freezer. They're much more power efficient (this is why you can run them off of tool batteries) and you can also leave one running in the car plugged into the lighter socket while you're at the beach all day. You can set it to a desired temperature including freezing temps if that's what you need. The downside is that the compressor hardware robs lots of space (see below) and weighs quite a lot. They're not really as portable as the manufacturers all want you to believe. Notice how it seems to fit about as much as a normal €20 non-powered cool bag and Makita still decided to put wheels on it?

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Probably the best 18V tool I've bought so far - certainly not what I expected :)

Needed to trim some bushes around the front of the house, the neighbor who usually did it before is moving out and has no time currently. Started out with hand shears, quickly decided „fuck that“ and found this thing on sale. Goes through the brush like butter, it's great.

The attachment as shown is awesome for creeping vines that overgrown pavement edges and such. Basically a beard trimmer on steroids.

The main blade (below) is only 20cm long, but easily enough for trimming some hedges and bushes, exactly what I need it for. The hedge off to the side of my parking spot grows like crazy this time of year, and I don't need it scratching the Tesla's paint, so the trimmer will get its fair share of work.