The Power Tools Thread

As long as all tires agree or are near enough, why would it matter?
increased wear on tires, wheels, and suspension components, as well as lower range?
You do know you can set the target pressure (or „set to current“), right? :p
I didn't know that actually, I thought it was just 'factory' pressure only. Will RTFM. :LOL:

It's more about the ride in this case, the ride is a bit hard for these 18s, it almost feels as hard as the 20s and I feel like that's going to cause odd wear. Will see what happens.
How does that compare to the Amazon price? I'd probably be prepared to pay a tiny bit more to have some kind of guarantee behind it.
It's about 15€ off the typical price. And you're right, it's not enough difference to justify the extra risk. Especially not once shipping and PayPal fee is added on top - I might've gone for it were it properly local. After closer inspection, it's about 200km away despite showing up in my "local" search, so inspection on pickup and cash payment aren't really an option.

After some research, I found two hardware stores in my immediate vicinity that carry Ryobi stuff and have the jigsaw at the "normal" price, available right there and now. And since I already have a first project in mind and a friend just so happens to have some spare wood laying around from taking apart old office furniture that he's willing to part with... I might just go and pick it up some time early next week :)
Alton Brown know's the deal when it comes to power tools in the kitchen. One of his latest videos features his second drill powered pepper mill. On the left is his first and arguably more upmarket version with the drill/mill combination shown.

I haven't tried this but I may have also violated a hand powered kitchen tool with a power tool.


Or just buy a good mill in the first place.
After some adventures, the Ryobi stick vac finally arrived to complete (for now) my "green" tool collection.



Used it for a couple days now. Thoughts so far:

As expected and hoped for, it's pretty much the perfect complement for my robot vacuum - quick and easy to get all the places where the robot doesn't get to, like behind/under furniture or in some weird corners. It also has more power than the robot, so can get heavier dirt out when necessary. And much quicker and easier to use than the "proper" corded vacuum, which I might at some point get rid of - I don't see any need for it, given this and the robot, really.

The "stick" extension with the (electrically powered!) brush on the end detaches and makes it a nicely manageable hand vacuum. With the extension and brush it's quite heavy, but without them and with my small 1.5Ah batteries it's just about comfortably usable with one hand.

Runtime on the 1.5Ah batteries is... enough for me. About 10-15 minutes at "low" power, or 3-5 minutes at full power with the electric brush running as well. To use this as a primary/only vacuum, you'd want the bigger 4Ah or 5Ah packs really.

The mode switch is a bit annoying. It always turns on in "full power" mode and needs a button press to switch to "low" power. Since I mostly use "low" power, having to press two buttons instead of one to turn on gets old quickly. And one reason I much prefer "low" power is...

Noise! Holy crap this thing is loud like nothing else, it's like a goddamn fighter jet taking off in your hand. In "low" power mode it's just about okay for 3-4 minutes at a time, at full power you might actually want some hearing protection to deal with this.

Overall, pretty much what I expected - the noise was mentioned in most reviews, and since I only use it for short periods of time it's alright.

Oh, and another minor thing - it looks like it has battery charging built in. It has contacts for all 4 battery terminals like the charger does, not just the 2 for +/- like both my other tools, and it seems there are flat contacts built into the "rails" that it attaches to the wall mount with. The wall mount however is just a piece of plastic. I assume there will be a "charging" wall mount accessory available at some point. For now, I have to swap the batteries like in the other tools and charge them separately.
I need to find a hand vac that is really easy and clean to empty. I'm on my 3rd one in as many years just to try different ones, and I hate when you go to empty a canister vac that the plume of dust coats almost the whole vacuum. I miss vacuum bags being commonplace. :(
I need to find a hand vac that is really easy and clean to empty. I'm on my 3rd one in as many years just to try different ones, and I hate when you go to empty a canister vac that the plume of dust coats almost the whole vacuum. I miss vacuum bags being commonplace. :(
Vacuum bags are still thing, but on more expensive units from what I’ve seen. It still is the best way to vacuum. Bagless is “good enough.”
I tried a Makita LXT cordless vac but found it to be nowhere near powerful enough to replaced a normal corded vac. It sounds like Ryobi did a better job with their product.

I got a Dyson V8 to complement my robot and put my old corded vacuum in the basement storage. No need for that relic anymore. The V8 promises 7 minutes (I think) of runtime which is plenty for fixing what the robot doesn't get. It isn't, however, enough to vacuum the car. I started at the back and the vac died with half the front seat left to do.

This is a use case where I don't mind not sticking to my battery platform of choice because my vacuum is always hanging on the wall in my closet while my Makita collection isn't necessarily even at home. Grabbing a fully charged vac from the charging station just works better for me than finding a charged tool battery... or swearing and putting a dead one on the charger.
I need to find a hand vac that is really easy and clean to empty. I'm on my 3rd one in as many years just to try different ones, and I hate when you go to empty a canister vac that the plume of dust coats almost the whole vacuum. I miss vacuum bags being commonplace. :(

I can really recommend my Dyson V8. You just hold it over the bin and pull a lever that opens the bottom of the dust container. I haven't had to clean it yet or change any filters so I can't comment on that.

The current generation (V10) has a different design but I can't imagine them making it harder to empty.
Five minutes after making these posts and I'm getting Bosch vacuum ads on Facebook. I hate the internet.
go into facebook and check all your privacy settings. then make sure you have uBlock origin set up on all of your browsers that allow it, not to mention the anti-adblock blocker.
I prefer to go one further: use Firefox with Multi-Account Containers extension, and isolate Facebook and all their ecosystem (Instagram etc) into a separate container. Delete cookies, local storage etc from the "main" container used for normal browsing. This way, FB tracking takes a major hit since they can only indirectly connect your profile with the tracking hits from Like buttons and pixels you see elsewhere.

But since that's a bit off-topic here, and the Dyson V8 got mentioned: I bought my mom a Dreame V9 (Xiaomi clone of the Dyson). She's extremely happy with it.
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-17 at 19.03.09.jpeg

And looking at it next to the Ryobi, I'm kinda having second thoughts... the Xiaomi is cheaper, much quieter, lighter, more powerful, comes with more attachments and stuff, and has a proper charging dock. The only apparent downside is it only has a single built-in non-swappable battery and is not compatible to my shiny green Ryobi stuff. Seriously considering getting one for myself as well and returning the Ryobi, even after all the shenaningans I went through to get one in the first place.
One thing to keep in mind when it comes to vacuums of any type is filtering. You really get what you pay for in this respect and even if you don't have dust allergies you would be better off not breathing that crap in. The cheaper models don't have sealed systems or HEPA filters.

If I was buying a stick vac right now I'd buy Shark but I'd really like to try the Lupe.

Makita just invented the Vacuum cleaner circa 1995.

April fools day is still a few months off lads.
Eh, for professional/commercial use (at least from what I see) nobody uses canister vacs. It's either backpack, or upright, and cordless reduced downtime from having to unplug, and then find an outlet on the new area...which isn't as easy as one might think. I've only been in the office furniture industry, but we're constantly fighting architechs/designers to get enough outlets added for what we need, and then we're always recommending 'convenience outlets' for their janitorial staff. Otherwise they end up unplugging someone's computer, or accidentally plugging something in to a "controlled" plug which shouldn't be, which is never a good thing.

The thing about an upright is that it's a 1-hand carry. With a canister van, it's a two-handed carry. That said...maybe not, because I don't see a good robust carry handle, at least not visible from the angles in the photo.