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the problem with having a faster upload speed :P


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Apr 19, 2005
Santa Barbara, California, USA
1981 BMW 320i
I'm only joking about this, but I'm not getting enough juice from what I'm sharing :p:
Couldnt you adjust the DL/UP ratio??

What BT client is that btw?
it's the "official" bittorrent client from bittorrent.com or whatever. It's linux, by the way.

I can't physically adjust how many lines come into the server. I have quad OC upload, dedicated and single down. it's still fast.

EDIT: I also limit upload to 1000 KB/s so the host company won't get too curious :p
Daaaamn :shock: I wish i had that at home insted of the crappy 15k upload limit imposed by my ISP <_<
just give me a message on msn/gtalk/aim if you want the file. I'd do some interviewing, etc just to make sure you don't just want to rip my bandwidth :p
6,500kb/s??!?!!? :eek:

..like... oh my god... :mrgreen:

Rock on for letting us leech. Oh, and I'm only at 2x so far... still, doing what can be done. I wonder if I can use the school network while I'm in class to seed? :evil: