The Purpose Of This Area [Read Me Before Posting!]


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Sep 21, 2003
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If you saw a cool car or a bunch of cool cars and took some photos of it, then make a thread here. Please note that pictures are required. No point in posting if we have nothing to look at. ;)

If you only managed to get one or two photos, they were crappy quality, and/or they were something random, please use the generic sightings thread. No sense in making a new thread for just a couple photos of a common car. ;)

However, if you went to an autoshow, a car meet, or something like that, please by all means make a new thread here.

If your photos though are more meant for the taking the photo aspect rather than the actual car, feel free to post them over in the photography forum. This area is more meant for the content of the photos rather than the photos themselves (i.e. to get a picture of the car rather than to make a piece of art).

Questions? Post here.
Could this thread be moved into this sub-forum please Viper?
Done. Thanks for pointing it out. :)
sry for "Posting" one thread before reading this :?