The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread


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Nov 5, 2007
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So, today I've been working on an important, if but a bit tedious, project at work and as a result, have been using some of my brainpower to let my mind wander and think about things. First, I thought about my upcoming Disney trip, and all of a sudden, I get a song stuck in my head - It's A Small World. So I text a few lyrics to my friends (because I'm evil like that) and that song is gone from my head, instead replaced by "Never Gonna Give You Up" as I explain to a coworker that my texting is like a more-evil version of a Rickroll. Maybe the fates decided that my evil should have consequences. So for about 5 minutes, I had the world's worst (and most annoying) mashup song ever stuck in my head of It's A Small World and Never Gonna Give You Up.

And then, then out of nowhere (but I know WHY), I get a new song stuck in my head, stomping out the two songs prior - Sex Bomb. Now, I don't listen to Tom Jones, but coco decided to post the Sex Bomb ice skating routine video from YouTube in IRC last night, and it's been stuck in my head since. Needless to say, it's a good thing nobody can actually hear the internal soundtrack of my head.

So, what songs do YOU have stuck in your head?
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This has been in my head for the last couple of weeks, or more specifically, the bit from 1:22 to 1:30. Every now and again I'll be walking along or making a cup of coffee and I'll just go "Oh my gawd, you look just like Shakira...AAARRGGHHH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"
It's not that I don't like the song, it's just that it's those couple of lines on a loop over and over again.

I also managed to get Ice Ice Baby stuck in my friends head once, he couldn't stop singing it for days. "Alright stop, collaborate and listen"
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Nine voices in my head are telling me I'm not insane... the tenth humms the Tetris theme.
I once had Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" stuck in my head for nearly 2 weeks. I nearly went insane...

Oh, I know what that's like. I'm going to regret this in 5 minutes (as I can feel it pushing back into my head), but I had the theme song to Blazing Saddles stuck in my head for a month. I swear to God, a solid month.

But at least I know all the words to that song. Unlike Sex Bomb.

Alright, now to enjoy the war of songs going on in my head. It's a battle between "It's A Small World," "Never Gonna Give You Up," "Sex Bomb," and "Blazing Saddles." Run away while you still have your sanity intact.

Still, could be worse
I mentioned in the Random Thoughts thread I got Tiny Bubbles stuck in my head last night looking at Champagne cocktail recipes.

About Thursday last week I managed to have Always Look on the Bright Side of Life in my head all day. Couldn't stop whistling it. :lol:

A couple days back. It's a bitch to hum, so I couldn't get it right and so it just ran circles inside my head, trying to get out.

Also, some mornings I'm tortured with various Machinae Supremacy-tunes. Tortured not because the music would be bad, quite the contrary, but because I can't listen to the mp3 anywhere.
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I've had "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from Disney's Lion King stuck in my head for the past few days, although I think it's my fault for trying to rewrite the lyrics to "I Just Can't Wait for my Filling" in a particularly boring series of dental lectures. XD

heard this on radio and had it in my head for like 3 weeks :D

then this

this one is stuck for quite a long time
After watching some of the figure skating last night i've had Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" in my head all day. Its such a catchy song that i found myself muttering along to it all day.
Muse - Knights of Cydonia. I blame GH3.
I have

Freeze Ray from Dr.Horrible's sing along blog and also It's All About The Art + Nobody's Asian In The Movies from Dr.Horrible's soundtrack/COMMENTARY! THE MUSICAL! Also Everywhere I Go by Lisse and the Firefly theme song.

Damn you Joss Whedon!
Also Everywhere I Go by Lisse and the Firefly theme song. Damn you Joss Whedon!

once you hear the Ballad of Serenity, its going to be stuck in your head for ages. It might be short but its one of the best tv themes ever made.
Ga ga ooh la laaah
Rum mah rumm mah maaaa...

I'm so sorry, but imagine how bad it is stuck in my head.
For a few hours all I could think about music-wise was the theme from Night Court.


Now it's this:

Ga ga ooh la laaah
Rum mah rumm mah maaaa...

I'm so sorry, but imagine how bad it is stuck in my head.

I sympathize. I was sent a link to that music video a while ago and told to count the costume changes. It was stuck in my head for two days. :lol:
Ga ga ooh la laaah
Rum mah rumm mah maaaa...

I'm so sorry, but imagine how bad it is stuck in my head.

So its happened to you aswell?
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