The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread

A few days ago I found out one of the most popular ex-Yugoslavian pop singers made a song in English. I don't know how intelligible it will be, considering the audio quality of the video is mediocre at its best, and he has a quite strong accent, but here it is anyway:

Sorry for the double-post in a relatively short span of time, I just felt like sharing this one.
One of those songs that needs to played loud to get the full effect.

This song always gives me the chills.

As it goes, suddenly out of nowhere.

Just too good.

In love with this.

This appeared while listening to music on YouTube with Autoplay turned on. I grew up listening to this song, and I still have that '80s hits' CD with me that I'd listen on an ancient Windows 98 PC at my grandma's after school. Oh the memories it brings back, even if it's not something I listen to nowadays.