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The Space Thread!

Going pretty damn well so far.

The side boosters have landed successfully, basically simultaneously (Not gonna lie...I let out a "holy shit!" when that happened), the center section is on-course to it's landing on the drone ship, the 2nd stage is in low earth orbit.

Not gonna lie...those are some damn striking images of the roadster in space.

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That was something!
what happened with the 3rd booster?
did it land on the ship?
bone;n3545614 said:
what happened with the 3rd booster?
did it land on the ship?

No, Elon confirmed in the press conference that landing burn ignition partially failed (single engine ignition worked, but transition to three-engine burn failed) and the stage splashed down at 300mph ~100m next to the drone ship, damaging two drone ship thrusters and spraying it with shrapnel.

This is their first failed landing in a while now. Might have something to do with extensive modifications carried out on the core (he mentioned they had to "almost completely redesign" the center core for the Heavy). At least it survived a high-speed re-entry despite only having aluminum grid fins and targeted the drone ship correctly. Not actually hitting the ship is part of the fail-safe flight profile - the landing stage always approaches off-target, and only shifts course onto the landing pad/ship once the landing burn fully ignites, to prevent a full-speed crash from damaging the landing target.

i wonder how long they'll keep that livestream up :lol:

EDIT: apparently the tesla overshot its mark and will probably end up somewhere in the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter
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What will the flat Earthers have to say about that pic? :lol:
It's faked, of course. Bad CGI. No rocket has ever gone to space, they never go straight up, but sideways and crash into the ocean.

(yes, that is what they say)
Yes, I have heard a few talk like that before.
I found this on the interwebs today. Flat Earthers make me giggle like a 12 year old.
I see you are afraid to see the truth, of your God, and can not fully appreciate a pure breed masterpiece! :p :tease:

I think it is just funny to see how they use (cough) "logic" to go around the obvious.
where is the moon? i've returned to the spaceman live stream several times by now
and within 5 minutes, the earth always comes in frame...

...but i've never seen the moon? why doesn't the moon show on the livestream?
It is on the back lot. It costs money to keep moving a prop that big around to get the scale right. ;)