The "Things that annoy me" thread


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Mar 29, 2008
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I'm feeling grumpy today.

I hope something like this doesn't exist already :mrgreen:

This threat is for letting off steam. For things that annoy you. You don't need to be reasonable here and you don't have to justify what you write. Just write it. I start with things that annoy me:

- Kids who put their Playstation videos of car racing games on YouTube and then tag it like it was the real driving experience. Why??? Do they thnk they're heroes, just because they can handle a stupid gamepad? You are NOT heroes, you are just blithering idiots! How do you want to be taken serious as a human being, when you do things like that???

- Another YouTube annoyance: People who replace car sounds by some shitty music for braindead people

- Teenagers in bum clothing, who are just too cool to cross the street in front of you quickly, so you have to break for them (Tip from me: Switch ABS off and brake hard. It's amazing how quickly they suddenly can move)

- Bicycle riders who think they have the right of way, when they go over a zebra crossing without dismounting their bikes.

- Women with annual tickets for a fitness studio, who are too lazy to walk for a 100 meters or so to a building entrance, when they park their cars.

- Tourists, who go 60, when 80 or 100 is allowed. Their wifes probably go "Slow down, dear, we're on a holiday and not in a hurry".
Yes, you are on a f*cking holiday but believe it or not: There are people behind you, who simply have to go to work in time -- like the guy 5 cars further back, who's been biting in his steering wheel for the last 10 minutes, because you didn't bring up the courage to overtake a tractor.

- People behind you in the queue at the supermarket checkout, who jump the queue, as soon as the checkout next to you opens up. More than once they ran straight in my shopping cart, though, because I already panned it.

- Also in the supermarket: People who are unable to weigh and tag their vegetables and keep everyone waiting at the checkout, while the cashier hurries to make up for what they failed to do.

In general a supermarket queue is quite a good place to realize that humans are a stupid race:

- People put bottles vertically on the conveyer bet, so they fall over and crash on the ground,

- People are unable to use the separating sticks, so the cashier deducts goods from another customers and then have to manually correct it ("Ilse, where is the key??"),

- Peoplechat and forget to put their stuff on the belt,

- People suddenly realize they forgot one item and run away to fetch it right away, keeping everyone else waiting, instead of paying first and going back for the forgotten item later,

- People have not enough cash and of course no cash card as well and have to think 5 minutes about what item they want to give back,

- People who still haven't learned to tell the 10 cent coin from the 20 cent coin and need the help of the cashier with their payment

- People who block the passages with their carts, while looking for stuff 10 meters away

- Women who chat in the entrance of a supermarket, blocking everybody's way without realizing it.

- Bicycle riders who chain their bycicles to the rails of where the shopping carts are stored

- Dog owners, who do the same with their hysterical mutts

Can't think of more at the moment but maybe will update later :)
I have a feeling "women doing......" is going to be mentioned a lot in this thread.
There have been quite a few threads on this kind of subject... but anyway, carry on. It's not good resurrecting an old thread, it just makes you look like a sandwad. ;)
The fact I have to go to school now, on saturday at 7:30, and there is no sun and it is raining. :(
The EU
The British Government
The Tory Party
The Scot Nats
Anyone who is intolerant of people who hold a contary opinion to themselves on anything what so ever
The Taliban
Plaid Cymru
Speed Cameras
Global Warming
People who wake me up early in the morning crashing about outside
PCs that break when I am chatting making it look like I cut someone off rudely
Crap television
Crap Movies I have paid to go and see
Tyres with punctures in
Yugo cars
Hyundai Accent
Side by side 6 seater people movers (FIAT & HONDA you know who you are)
Stupid Chavs
Stupid Hooray Henrys
Wagon Wheels - the buiscuit, not the wheel
Cars with only one reversing light.
People that don't indicate.
-Poor table manners and eating habits, such as talking while eating, chewing with your mouth open, and poor silverware use.

-Poor conversation etiquette.

-Inanimate objects which don't operate like they are supposed to operate, it makes me more than annoyed.
People who lie
People who can't stop lying
People who lie to the point they deny evidence
People trying to manipulate other people
People so proud they need to despise other.

(Yes, there are people summing up all these "qualities", and yes, my country has elected one of them as Prime Minister. Three times).

Oh, and arrogant cyclists.
Brian Cowen
Mary Harney
Fianna Fail supporters
Girls who walk around town in their pyjamas (yes, seriously)
People who, when they are walking in front of you in a street or shop, either walk stupidly slow or just stop abruptly for no reason.
People who don't use their indicators
People who beep at L drivers
Students who play shitty music on their phones at the back of buses
Parents who can't or won't control their child in public places
The little brats who run around like eejits in supermarkets/restaurants/planes.
People who park illegally in disabled spaces
People who talk on their phones while driving
Mothers who stick their pram, containing their kid in it, out on the road in the face of traffic to try and get people to stop and let her cross
Road works
Beyonce Knowles
Everything Disney Channel spurned out
Tom Cruise
Shitty comedians who think they are hilarious and laugh at their own jokes (Michael McIntyre, I'm looking your way)
Door-to-door salesmen for paintings or changing to Airtricity or Jehovah's Witnesses
People who get easily offended
The stupid "I want to do a poo at Paul's" ad
Annoying students who don't stop talking during class
People who think they are all that just because they drink


I feel better. I'll probably be back later with more though :p
I have a feeling "women doing......" is going to be mentioned a lot in this thread.

Men who can't find the canned corn or work out what kind of cheese is best and must stand in the way pondering the idea for 10 minutes before asking the first convenient woman (no I don't know if mild or sharp is "right" for mac and cheese) and THEN getting out the cell phone to call wifey dearest.
How every thread in the Food Discussion section has to have someone who "only uses the good stuff" or "the real stuff", not like all us idiots who use the fake/shitty stuff apparently. Doesn't matter if it's bread, mustard, or those little wooden toothpicks that hold sandwiches together, someone always has to chime in to let everyone know that they have higher standards then the rest of us.

News Flash, no matter how good you think your ingredients are, there are going to be better ingredients out there that you probably don't even know about. And no doubt some prick will buy them and post on the internet about how low your standards are. If people like cheap bread, cheap mustard, or cheap toothpicks, then good for them. That is the point, isn't it?

Not everybody has money to burn for the best of the best.

Sorry, been wanting to bitch about that for a while, but didn't want to turn any threads into a flame war. :p
Parents who can't or won't control their child in public places
The little brats who run around like eejits in supermarkets/restaurants/planes.

HELL effing yes! If your kid is that poorly behaved and you're so short on balls, take it home. I don't want to see it that's for damn sure.

The stupid "I want to do a poo at Paul's" ad

Um, wow. I don't want to know.
Speaking about annoying kids in TV commercials:

Speaking of which, another thing that annoys me...

Really badly dubbed ads :mad:
Geico Ads
Progressive Ads
Allstate Ads

(see the trend here?)
Any ads with kids in them.

The kids are generally really annoying eejits :mad: