The "Things that annoy me" thread

And were they surprised you weren't available anymore?

If they made a decent offer I might have made a change. But they seemed confused when I asked why they didn't even read my salary requirements on the page in front of them.

Every day, when I lie down to stretch, I see this on the ceiling of the gym.
What is it that I am missing?

Oh you lucky man! Ignorance really is bliss in this case - you really don’t want to see it 🤣🙈

And once you've seen it, you can't unsee it. Even with your eyes closed you'll still know it's there.
I know the feeling :ROFLMAO: .

@CraigB , I am torn between clarifying it and ruining your day....

Misaligned weld overlap. It's not centered.
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Misaligned weld. It's not centered.

That’s not a weld, it’s an overlap. They aligned the rivets down the middle of the overlap and starting at the corner, so the edge of the sheet metal had to be to the side. I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but I’m too tired to think of them.
This is the second time I get something related to "Lisbon" and it's not the city in Portugal.


I feel grumpy as fuck currently, which annoys me. I can’t give a reason for the grumpiness, which makes the annoyance even worse. Hmpf.

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Installed kitchen sink, yay.

Got the hardware for the boiler under the sink. Did I remember that it needs pressure relieving? hell no. This style of water heating is new to me, instant on or a large storage tank somewhere else in the house is what I'm used to. You can imagine my surprise hearing a small bang as the mini tank blows apart under the sink after spending the afternoon cutting the sink hole, mounting that and all the other fun stuff.
When someone uses "exponentially" to describe something that's simply accelerating quickly, when the term specifically refers to when the rate of acceleration itself, not just the thing being measured, is also increasing.


Even when the acceleration is is really really fast...that still isn't, specifically, "exponential". This "linear" line below is showing growth, but it's constant.
Trains or even public transport in general. On my way you pick up our new (to us) car in Holland and taking the train seemed a good plan tot get there.
Because I hate people, buying tickets for 1st class was a no brainer. First train from Antwerp to Rotterdam went smooth, connecting train had problems and was smaller. So small that only about 70% of the people waiting could fysically fit on it. Security even had to intervene to prevent people from pushing and fighting...
So now I'm starting to know how canned sardines must feel.
^heh. Normally public transport in the Netherlands is very good compared to Belgium (so I hear).
On the other hand, not being in control of your own destiny (and thus not leaving or arriving where and when you want) is for pussies, so serves you right :p ;)