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The "Things that annoy me" thread

That’s… pretty insane. And another one of those “why is this even an app and not just a website” situations!
Our time keeping is a weird mix: we’re supposed to use the RFID tags when we’re at the office, but when not there is a beautifully hot garbage SAP suite (called ESS: employee self service, and it’s actually not as bad as one would expect from sap) that’s only available on the internal network. But at least it’s simply a website. And it allows you to just log any time you want (doesn’t have to be “now”), so I usually just feed it once I’m actually back at the office, rather than fire up the V-crap-N.
Also our workers council would burn the place to the ground if anyone even suggested that people had to use their personal devices for anything. Or if there was even any question of data being misused. Hell, they even try to grind the complete place to a halt of that question doesn’t arise!
A colleague once asked me how he could improve his teams audio quality (early Covid days) and when I suggested he join from his phone he was completely flabbergasted how I could even suggest such a thing 🤣

I also don’t have a work phone, but I’m happy to have work ms teams on my personal one. It’s tied into our phone system, so that way I am reachable through the one landline number for everyone - but only if I choose so. That way, I don’t have a second bloody phone.
Their site suggests that it collects GPS data at all times and is intended to be a tracking app. I might remove this from her phone for her...

That sounds like an absolutely massive privacy violation which, if an employee tried anything of this calibre that impacts the employer, would be grounds for immediate termination.

Brave new world.
The company my mother works part-time for have changed their fob-based clocking in/out system for an app based one, that she had to install on her personal phone. It uses location data and face recognition for something that worked perfectly fine just swiping a little fob, and it's unclear how that location data is used. It might not be reported outside of a geofenced area, I still wouldn't want it on my personal phone though.

Id get the cheapest phone that app will work on. Either way, that sounds incredibly invasive… it’s an issue I had attempting to work for other companies in my field of work in the US, many had GPS trackers on their work vehicles which told me they didn’t trust their employees.

Which is what i see here.
It's become very obvious that the IT support here is non-existent, the people arranging it at the top are stupid and the poor people having to implement it on site aren't tech savvy. For once I'm actually going to go with the classic "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

As of today, my mother had to use a tablet to login instead of using the phone at all. The tablet is just a kiosk to clock in and I guess the app was just needed to set up the account. Now that's done it can fuck right off.

A burner phone would be a decent solution too, so it can be turned off.
When people describe a desk's dimensions as "length and width" rather than "length(or width) and depth". "Length and width" works for things like a table, where you approach it from any side, and "length" is just a quick hint for which side is the longer side without having to read both numbers.

But a desk is always going to be experienced from one side, and calling its depth the "width" is counter intuitive, IMO. And if you see "width", you then have to review the other dimension to figure out what they are actually talking about.

Today, I even saw "length and width" used for a kitchen base cabinet! Like...what?!
in CORPORATE EVERYWHERE it very much seems to be THE THING. it's the dumbest trend I've ever seen... nobody wants MORE APPS... if anything, people want LESS apps cluttering up their phones. but no, providing certain information through a simple mobile website? pffff, gotta container that shit into a standalone app! added value or anything from that? NONE. who cares WE AHVE AN APP HURRRRR [insert meme with the sensible guy getting thrown out the window]


Don't forget the obvious: the app needs to randomly log you out every week or so even though you checked the checkbox for REMEMBER ME.
Don't forget the obvious: the app needs to randomly log you out every week or so even though you checked the checkbox for REMEMBER ME.
making your login cookies work inside your own app is hard mhmmkayyy?
also force 2FA despite the fact its completely unimportant shit and make 2FA the biggest nightmare to use (ONLY PHONECALL OR WHATEVER)
When did the world seemingly simultaneously decide that cracking a metal spoon on the side of a glass/ceramic/porcelain bowl was a sensible thing to do?

On an unrelated note, ever since I started cooking less, somehow every single one of our bowls has chips missing from their edges. 🤦
At the risk of sounding like an old fart (too late already probably) : the effing weather!
I know, global warming and all, but it feels like it has been raining for months (and it kinda is that way).
We usually set up our swimming pool for the kids to use sometime late may, early june. It's now nearly july and we've only just put it up.

Why you ask? Because 1) it almost hasn't stopped raining since March and 2) nighttime temperatures (which affect the temperature of the water) are like 8°.

It's been a tiny bit better yesterday, when we had some proper sunb and like 24°, but as it always is in Belgium, this means a couple of days of sweltering heat (expected to be 30° by wednesday) followed by MORE rain and a huge dip in temperatures.

This is bollocks...

The only redeeming feature of all seasons going haywire is that usually we get one of those indian summers that lasts until september/october ... but I wouldn't bet on it!
At the risk of sounding like an old fart (too late already probably)
who cares if you sound like an old fart - being an old fart is glorious! all the IDGAF that's available, lovely... and I'm not even that old yet :p

the weather also annoys me... but in a different way. Our weather should be fairly similar, since I'm not too far from BE, but I can't really complain about all the rain (no room for a pool, so maybe I just don't notice as much, but I do know our rain water barrels aren't full, so clearly it's not raining enough :p). However, the current quick jump up in temperatures, coupled with high humidity gives me friggin headaches. Haven't gone for the full-blown migraine, yet, but I'm fairly certain they'll arrive later in the week together with the thunderstorms... so yeah, that also annoys me.

... went for a run yesterday night (like 7 pm) and 20 min into the run i was also getting a headache from the absolute sweatbox crap going on outside. UGH.
also: I'm a very sweat-prone person. Which is also not very nice in this kind of weather. I constantly feel moist*. or look like it just took a shower just 10 min into my run.
* what a nice word. yes.
Moist cake is nice, moist humans, not so much.
I'm also a moist one when it's warm, depending on the humidity. Yesterday was definitely the beginning of a heatwave for us, I was at an air show yesterday and at one point I had to take my cap off because sweat was soaking through it. Lovely.

It's this time of year that I wish I had a mini-split air conditioner, but it's not worth it for the rest of the year when it's not quite warm enough and I want fresh air from outside. Honestly it would be better if I could just extract the warm air from my computer equipment, which gets trapped. I could rearrange the room so I'm in a better airflow, but that sounds like a massive PITA.
Ah being old(ish) and grumpy (not ish, very) does have its benefits. There was an show about this ages ago, and I already agreed with most of it back then, and that's 20 years ago.

Also, I'm not that bothered with moist, but then again I'm not a native English speaker.
May be because there's no direct translation I think, the closest I can get is more like "humid"
Apparently it's a terrible word.

With regards to bodily fluids (you guys started it), I'm not moist at all, I'm either quite dry, or completely drenched, there is no in between.
Fortunately, I do have a pool in my backyard, so whenever I'm close to getting proper sweaty, I jump in and that usually solves the problem.
I do like sauna's though, even if that means sometimes sweating completely through a towel.

Oh and also for all you sweaty people out there : get ventilated seats in your car. It's properly good and combats the hot/sweaty back and arse problem very well.
Oh and also for all you sweaty people out there : get ventilated seats in your car. It's properly good and combats the hot/sweaty back and arse problem very well.
I've always liked the idea of ventilated seats, I would certainly want them if I was buying a Range Rover but they weren't available on the Tesla when I had that. You generally get them with full leather though, which I don't like as much as the modern fabric options.