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The Transporter 2 Trailer

first one was cool.. now we got an audi.. nice!!
Yes!!! He's in an Audi ^_^

Saw a Lambo in there too. This is gonna be good :D
I think so as well...

I liked the first one, but they seemd to have pushed the ante up a bit, well at least action wise.... And car wise for sure... I hated those tiny rims on the 7 series...

Yeah, the first time I saw it, I thought it was a 5 series :blush: Those last gen 7 series' aren't common here, the new ones are tho, but you can't mistake those for anything but a 7er :p
bihus said:
You gotta subscribe, right?

No, pick the smaller ones, the larger ones are for subscribers <_<
Yeah, I did too, then saw the log in screen :lol:
Nice trailer...seems the movie will be very good!!!!! :thumbsup:
Probably gonna be like the first: so-so acting, not emmy material, but definetly worth the watch, especially for any car or action movie fans.
I hated the first one because it didn't have as many car chases as it did scenes of Jason Statham strutting around shirtless, romping around in a puddle of oil with other men, etc. But this one might actually have some cars in it, so I'll definitely be one of the first in line to see it, even though many of the scenes are blatantly and annoyingly CGI. (Can't we have another Bullitt or Ronin, with actual cars actually being destroyed?)
I wanted to see the 1st one, but I never got around to it, but I think I'm going to have to see this one no matter what.
I just saw it. Pretty short, but a sweet movie.

There are 2 hugely unrealistic scenes it it (of is mentioned above), but the rest is state of the art fighting and driving... I love the bit with the Murci...

And the bad chick would be fun in real life...

this movie looks like crap. :thumbsdown:
yeah it ended up being pretty crappy. The original was good because of its imaginative fight scenes, and lack of CGI. This one is like 90% crappy CGI and 10% fighting. Don't watch.
Saw it last night and wow. I didn't find it to be a waste of time, but as said, horribly BS stuff in it.