The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

Trump/Barr Russia dossier witch hunt finally over?

Primary source for Trump-Russia dossier acquitted, handing special counsel Durham another trial loss​


Trump knew voter fraud claims were wrong, federal judge says as he orders John Eastman emails turned over​

“The emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public,” Judge David O. Carter wrote.
It's Trump deposition day again:

DNA test too?

Trump Just Blew Up His Rape Lawsuit Defense​

By ranting on Truth Social, it sure seems like the former president undermined one of his main defenses in a defamation case over an alleged sexual assault, legal experts say.
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Trump Org Suddenly Settles With Protesters Beat Up by Its Security Guards

Defense lawyers made the last-minute decision after struggling to find Bronx jurors who didn’t have strong feelings about Trump and his eponymous company.

Judge appoints independent monitor to oversee Trump Organization financial filings​

Against his lawyers advice:

Trump sues New York attorney general, claiming ‘war of intimidation’​


Judge Sanctions Trump’s Lawyers for ‘Shotgun’ RICO Suit Over Russia Probe, Suggests ‘Bar and Disciplinary Authorities’ Might Be Needed​

wow, "trump or death" is the next step to "if the libs get in power i'm emigrating somewhere that's still free!". morons. it's funny though how their enemy of choice is now the possible other candidate from their own team, rather than biden / the dems.