The Trump Presidency - how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Hair

Couple of days ago Weisselberg admitted he is not an accountant!

Trump Trial Takeaways: Another Gag Order, Explosive Witness Testimony and More Debates To Delay Through Next November​

Trump Organization assistant vice president Patrick Birney agreed that former chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg told him that Trump wanted to puff up his net worth on his statements of financial condition–testimony that supports a key piece of James’ case.

Trump’s Longtime CFO Lied, Under Oath, About Trump Tower Penthouse​

How Trump Fooled Deutsche Bank​

Within a single day, Trump’s ex-attorney-turned-nemesis Michael Cohen admitted to lying under oath in a different case. The presiding judge unexpectedly forced the former president to take the witness stand, declared his brief testimony “not credible,” and fined Trump $10,000 for violating a sanctions order while leaving open the possibility of jail time if it happens again.

Then shortly later, Trump stormed out of court for unrelated reasons, muttering “unbelievable” multiple times after the judge refused to throw out the lawsuit threatening his business empire on the spot.
DJTJ is due in the hot seat next week too.
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DJT due Monday, Ivanka on Wednesday.

Former Justice Department prosecutor Andrew Weissman and Susanne Craig, investigative reporter for The New York Times discuss Eric Trump's defenses

DJTJ doesn't understand what he signed


Judge Gags Trump’s Lawyers From Statements About Communications With Staff, Threatening ‘Serious Sanctions’​

Lisa Rubin and Adam Klasfeld do a good job covering the trial

Where's the clip of Trump saying only the guilty take the 5th?

Oh, that is a bad fumble! 😂
No decent lawyer would represent Trump these days. He's got outstanding bills at any firm he's worked with before, the only ones left who will deal with him are his True Believers - and they are bottom-of-the-barrel.

These are the same lawyers that forgot to check a box to request a jury trial.