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The ultimate simulator feeling


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Oct 4, 2004
First of all hopefully not a repost, and 2nd, didn't know which section this could fit best, so if there's a more appropriate place for this thread, some mod pls :coplight:

so here we go, wouldnt mind having one of these at home to play lfs on 8)

btw, logitech has somthing similar
I definitely have to get a wheel. And go to a junkyard and get a seat.
Yeah GT4 is great and it's worth buying a wheel for it too. But i'll hold off and wait for the PS3 and GT5 to come out.
where is the foot pedels from? fack looks like everything is off a real car OMG! wouldnt it be funny ass if he had airbag and it blow up when he crash's lol
This is incredible! Where can I get this? I think everything is easy to made, but look at these pedals ..??? :shock:
yea... I played abit of ps2 with him when I was in hong kong couple months back.... great fun on his projector :D


well that sim thing is a rip off, this whole set cost less than that i tihnk.

well projectors are cheap compared to TV's but he bad things is u always need to pull the certains.

my one aint a top model one. the screen is somewhere near. its 110" auto scroll made by draper i think.. the projector it self is a panasonic AE model. the best one up to 2004 think there is a new model now. my dad did some reaserch. should have been best for price. he is quite cheap. i wanted a sony one of course but they are rip offs.