The Uxbridge English Dictionary - Share your Daffynitions Here


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Some of you may have heard of the BBC Radio 4 comedy show "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" (The Antidote to Panel Games) and I know others are fans of wordplay, puns and the like.

One of the rounds on the show features the panel member's suggestions for additions to the Uxbridge (shithole in Middlesex) rather than Oxbridge (portmanteau of Oxford and Cambridge) English Dictionary. You may also know these as "daffynitions".

Every now and then one pops in to my head and I thought it would make a fun thread. Any word is acceptable, including proper nouns.

Here are my three most recent ones to get the thread started.

Antwerp (n) A idiot.

antidote (n) public's girlfriend.

Icklesham (n) Not really a dwarf.


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Bisexual (n) A regular brothel visitor.

Dwarf (n) A dock in Ireland.

Currant (n) Up to date raisin.

Share (n) A wig you shouldn't talk about.
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