The ^ < V Game


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Oct 31, 2007
Harry Baals, Indiana
2001 Audi S4
This is the ^ < V game, was pretty popular at another forum I was on so I thought I would start it up here.

Game is simple;

you post something about the person above "^"
you post something about yourself "<"
you post something about the nest person "v"

Me starting / example;

^ is the ceiling?
< decided not to make his example by double posting
v will hopefully not be me
^ comes up with weird games.
< hates this game
V will probably have something funnier to say than anything I could come up with.
^ needs help
< loves new games
V will be awfully bored to be posting here

^ Is quite correct
< Should be doing German homework
V Wants to be playing outside.
^ Is right
< probably should eat something
v may or may not be an avid rFactor player :p
^ Really wants to keep this thread moving:p
< Needs to print out Geography homework
V Is bored
^ has too much rep
< is waiting for NFS Undercover to finish *ahem* downloading *ahem*
V has too little rep
^might be right
< shouldn't be using the computer in the clubhouse of the apartment complex he is "guarding"
V isn't as bored as i am right now
^ is wrong
< is at 11.15am Thursday morning right now
V Drives an awesome car
^ Sorry, no
< Wishes to be live in a car-friendly country
V Loves Volvo V70R
^ is sadly mistaken.
V is the man in room five.
^ Has too many teeth
< Doesn't know what room five is
V is a VW fanboy.
^Has a weird pet.
< Likes the Scirroco very much.
v Loves to dance!