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The ^ < V Game

^ Is soooooooooo right
< Is soooooooooo busy
v Does not like the word soooooooooooo
^ Uses soooooooooooo far too much
< Killing time
V Had a weird dream that they or their friend became an F1 driver
^ Chose an obvious criteria for V
< Had the same dream as mentioned for my previous V
V Rep Power over 20

(According to my dream, Koenigsegg had an F1 team (and for some reason had a livery based around the colours of the communist flag) and they were doing quite well, around the same pace Toyota is now. It was race day, and my friend had qualified 6th with his teammate, who happened to be Gavin and Stacey's Rob Brydon:blink:, 5th. The track was a picturesque italian lakeside circuit, think Deep Forest Raceway from GT4, only longer, wider and slightly faster. A bit like a more F1 race-fit version of the road James Bond drove his Aston through at the start of Quantum of Solace.)
^ Oi!
< Is listening to an old Blaster Bates LP converted to MP3 and is LOLing
V Is missing out
^ Would sir enjoy a negrep? :p
< can't wait for CTDP 2006 to download.
v Wishes I would stop going on about CTDP 2006 in the same manner as Jeremy/Richard over the Veyron/Zonda, respectively...
^ isn't explaining what's CTDP 2006
< is going out with dad to look at used luxury 4X4 to see how good discounts are and maybe end up buying an '06 Volvo S80 2.5T
V loves the Audi Q7
^is wrong about the Q7
<is going to fail history because I can never sit down and actually study
\/ does not have an exam tomorrow
^ needs luck
< has been having school holidays since 7th Nov
V wants a holiday badly
^ Is lucky to have escaped school earlier.
< Has an exam on Monday.
V Wishes he/she didn't have exams soon, also.

^Doesn't realize I don't have exams until midterms start in a few weeks
< Wishes it would snow on Sunday night
V Has genitals :p
^ is correct for once!
< has exams too, in late February
V loves cars
^ is absolutely correct - well depending on the make/model and not the one in a million pieces in my backyard :(
< Is on holidays for 8 weeks
V Has posted to this game at least once before
^ 8 weeks? My god!
< Looking forward to 2 week holiday
V Does not like mushrooms
^ Needs to go to User CP. There should be a list of all the past 50 +reps and -reps
< Has no work to do
V Also has no work to do