The war on independent thought


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Jul 13, 2011
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Take for example the case of Jordan Peterson. A Canadian professor and clinical psychologist who rose to fame last year when he voiced his opposition to bill C-16, designed to criminalize the misuse of gender pronouns, i.e. compelled speech. That saga played itself out over quite sone period, with many outlets deliberately misrepresenting Peterson as transphobic.

Now, we have this:

The VICE approved, redacted video.

[video=youtube; blTglME9rvQ][/video]

And then the full video, which doesn’t fit the narrative intended by VICE.

[video=youtube; T5ahmzySUB8][/video]

Why am I posting this old information? Because of more recent events that referenced them.

Witness, an NBC news segment calling him alt-right in the title

[video=youtube; OCGewQc9ktA][/video]

(Full video)

[video=youtube; lROo5nCNvgk][/video]

Then a NYTimes piece.


And lastly, the Munk Debate yesterday, in which Peterson was accused of being racist, misogynist (based on the VICE interview), and transphobic (based on the opposition to bill C-16). Michelle Goldberg referenced her own employer, the NYTimes, as proof of her claims.

[video=youtube; GxYimeaoea0][/video]

FYI, it wasn’t a “right vs left” debate. It was “far left” (Goldberg and Michael Eric Dyson) vs left (Peterson and Steven Fry), discussion about political correctness (or rather it was supposed to be, before the two far leftists decided to attack Peterson personally).

I sit here beside myself. I don’t agree with everything Peterson says. I’ve always aspired to hold up for truth, even if it’s distasteful or it means I have to reflect on my own views. The fifth estate is supposed to put forth truth and allow for the reader to decide. The NBC video and NYTimes articles (in addition to the Times’ reporting on Hamas terrorist activity as “protestors”) are just ongoing indication that the previously held traditional media outlets are as unhinged on one side of the spectrum (left, waaaay left) as we generally accept Fox News to be on the right.

I am a part of a variety of different online forums, and I read the comments sections for articles of many newspapers across the political spectrum, and while I don’t expect people to share similar beliefs or opinions, I am appalled at how little people can agree on what the facts are. Case in point, you can disagre with Peterson, but it’s intellectually dishonest to label him as alt-right, or even misogynist. I see comments where people think Ben Shapiro is a fascist and a neo-Nazi. These aren’t opinions up for debate, the words and actions of both these men have never given credence to such accusation.

Truth isn’t subjective. There is no such thing as “your truth” versus “my truth.” Those are opinions. And there are far too many disingenuous media pundits and so called “intellectuals” (Dyson being a particularly egregious example) that are allowed to go unquestioned while anyone that doesn’t support their assertions are smeared in order to discredit them and be spared actually conversing with them.

Feel free to post up more examples. I don’t care if it’s right or left or whatever. I just find the trend of professional “journalists” attacking independent thought to be particularly disturbing, in what is supposed to be a free society.
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Apr 2, 2007
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The biggest problem as I see it is that the post modernist ideas of everything being an opinion have gone mainstream in the far left. So now every opinion is considered just as valid, when there are clearly shitty or at minimum ignorant ones. The bigger problem is that while this is perpetrated by a vocal minority, that minority is typically the one that runs education and media. The latter especially means that many in power kowtow to them because not doing so is a political suicide.

Give you an example of the latter, NYC MTA no longer uses the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" to address riders because that is not inclusive of transgenders.


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Aug 6, 2007
The latest 1791L vid is about this:

What enrages the far left isn't so much the opinions Kanye's expressed, but the fact that he thinks he's allowed to openly express them. The video cites plenty of examples of how they attack every black person who doesn't toe the line in public.