The "What are you doing right now?" or ......... is ......... Thread


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May 29, 2008
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Rules are simple.

1. React to the post above with "Like", "Meh" or "No".
2. Refer to yourself in the third person and describe what you are doing right now.
3. No other thoughts or comments please.
4. No rep scoring - this is just for fun not ego massaging or petty niggling.

So here goes....

Mineworksfine is enjoying spritzers made with an excellent Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and thinking decidely inappropriate thoughts about inappropriate people.

Spicysaurus is finishing folding laundry and wondering how long she has to wait before she can get laid again.

Derek is not giving a shit about what other forum members are doing at this moment.
META: I feel as though Like Meh and No lack the breath of possible responses to previous posts that said


The_Finn is about to head back to work after a 1hr break... only 4 hours to go...
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Argatoga is masturbating to photos of the Queen of England.
Like, good song.

LurkerPatrol is listening to a singer born in his home town in India sing the song that made her famous, and is subsequently becoming addicted to it and singing it himself.
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ehhhhhh old Indian music isn't bad, new indian music is absolute rubbish, I'm on the fence.

mclarensmps is going to break down his name as being McLaren's Em Peas because that's how it's supposed to be said... or at least that's how he says it in his head... now mclarensmps is thinking that he'd take McLaren S. M. P. S. as appropriate too. mclarensmps is tired and doesn't really care, really but wanted to contribute to this thread.

Mineworksfine, his hangover and Germaine are watching a very wet BTCC from Brands Hatch and wishing the weather had been different so they could have had a day out together.
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ashspet is contemplating eating something for dinner whilst trying to decide what to watch on TV and deciding that it is all crap
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Mineworksfine is at work with a headache and wondering if certain people will ever realise that the concept of "Customer Service" should also extend to colleagues.

Lightning Count is trying to find Uncharted 2 amongst his many games and films.

NecroJoe is trying to find a chinese restaurant that the girlfriend won't think is gross. (she saw a cook use a toothpick at one once, and now she won't ever go back to that one. :roll: )

ashspet is eating fresh bread roll for breakfast and watching firefly

rickhamilton620 is typing and about to sleep.

Timbits93 is enjoying the 2nd last evening of the long weekend.