The "What are you doing right now?" or ......... is ......... Thread

ashspet is at work and not behaving. SQL is not interesting ashspet today :grin:
Like - make shit easier works for me!

Ashspet has just junked two days of scripts as they have not worked and the try-to-fix has resulted in a total dogs' breakfast. She has now had chocolate and is starting again. She has not thrown computer out of the first storey window although she would very much like to do so.
Like - though I would have simply given up and fapped by now.

Smib is watching Cake Boss while perusing FG, and is about to go bother #gear.
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Mineworksfine got to lie in a bit this morning is catching up with FG before driving 3 hours, being bored to death for two more in a sales conference at a paper merchant and then driving home.
Like. Dunder Mifflin by any chance?

Adunaphel is doing the same he was yesterday, because the first repackaging job went belly-up and since he is working half days at the moment, he can only do so much in one day (oh, and becuase the installation of the new ESX4 machine yesterday took more time than planned because of several SNAFUs)
No - no fair that it went crap :hug:

Ashspet is watching TG and having a glass of wine in celebration that the SQL from hell of the last two days was finally defeated and has learnt that a simple union worked better than case statements and subselects.

Lightning Count has just had a shower and is wondering if it's worth going out or not.

mclarensmps is pissed because he's been up since 7:30 thinking there was a football game on in the morning, only to realise that the schedule has changed from today onwards. /facepalm
Like :lol:
(no, seriously, laughing WITH you)

Ashspet is currently watching a video and feeling her buzz abate

Ferrari_Freak is wondering why no one's been given a "dislike" yet.

TheFinn is breaking the streak

Ashspet has scoffed some lunch, checking forums and about to go to yet ANOTHER bloody meeting about something stupid.

Lightning Count is downloading PC games from steam and watching his kitten be fascinated by her own reflection in the mirror.
kitty like!

ashspet is doing a load of washing and hoping that it finishes soon so she can go to work (while secretly hoping that the boss will call and say don't come in, but that will never happen)
Like. Keeping the women where they're needed. :D :p

Speedtouch has just found a little USB fan. Improving problem of being too hot, but is very noisy.
Speedtouch is now running from ashspet as she chases him with the frying pan

Meh. You'll be whining like fuck as soon as it gets cold again!

Mineworksfine is cool and comfortable in an office with A/C, counting down to the weekend and looking forward to driving hope with the top down. 3 hours to beer o'clock!

LurkerPatrol is currently wiping his face, listening to buzzz on the tv, about to pray and eat lunch, and then off to do some prep work for the chile trip.