The "What are you doing right now?" or ......... is ......... Thread


Lightning Count is is about to go do some food shopping.
Nope. Ann Summers is far better.

Ashspet is eating dinner and watching TG compete against the Germans
Like (although it's "ZE Germanss"!)

MWF is working/FGing while listening to Bat for Lashes and wondering what to get for lunch as he's getting really hungry.

ashspet is currently listening to the rain fall from the sky while watching outside turn from black to dark grey and wondering why the hell she woke up an hour and a half early on the one day she could sleep in(*) and also hoping the rain would stop or at least calm down so she can go feed some horses without getting soaked.

(*) the whole week it's a struggle getting up at 5.45am and the alarm is usually slept through for at least 10 minutes. Today eyelids pop open at 5.15am
Don't like, as the same happens to me every weekend.

MWF is aching after a long day with Mum and the kids at Legoland bookended by 2 x two hour drives, but now has plenty of cold beer and nothing to get up for tomorrow so fingers crossed I won't wake too early.
Lightning Count is watching 2001: A Space Odyssey and browsing FG.

Ashspet is eating dinner and shivering in the cold while the heater kicks in while watching Firefly and browsing FG.
Meh. August (date on post) is Spring in Australia isn't it? Should be warmer.

Wig is resurrecting a game.
What game, video I presume?

Ricky is sitting at a desk at work....
Meh (not like seems a bit harsh since it's something we all generally have to do).

This one, fool!

Wig is currently contemplating posting his desktop.
Ashspet is currently eating lasagna.
Lightning Count is waiting for a delivery from the United States.
Is it???

ashspet is watching tv and brushing the dog
Lightning Count is making chocolate muffins.

ashspet is getting ready for bed
^Like :wicked:

Wig is reposting the rules ;)
1. React to the post above with "Like", "Meh" or "No".
2. Refer to yourself in the third person and describe what you are doing right now.
3. No other thoughts or comments please.
4. No rep scoring - this is just for fun not ego massaging or petty niggling.

WellsieTRD was getting some dinner ready for the dog, but go sidetracked and is now on FG

PaperBiro is realising that he's never posted in this thread before.

ashspet is listening to the radio, browsing FG and trying to get motivated to go to work.