The "What are you doing right now?" or ......... is ......... Thread


Lightning Count is watching a DVD.

Ashspet is brushing her hair and putting on her shoes
ashspet is contemplating what to cook for dinner

Lightning Count is wondering whether to go drinking or not this weekend.
Ew (yes, new category)

Lying on the sofa watching some lame wedding show
Lying in bed wide awake....wasn't able to sleep all night :(
:hug: (yes, another new category, get over it)

ashspet is getting ready to sleep for a decade, particularly if it means never coming out from under the covers again

Ashspet - Do not disappear down there for too long; I am back from taking a sad telephone call - NB not too sad though.

ashspet is getting dressed and about to depart for work.

Lightning Count is going out drinking.

ashspet is vegetating on the couch, banning LC

Lightning Count is in disbelief after watching Henderson win.
Meh. Who is Henderson, what did s/he win?

Wig is watching adverts on TV, because that's the most interesting thing that's on :wall:
Like, adverts are better than shows now.

I is back at work, trying not to get distracted but is getting distracted.
No. Home time?

I am in bed avoiding phone calls.
Like, spending a saturday morning staying in bed is the best way to kick start the weekend.

I am looking for a video game to play.