The "What the Bloody Fuckintosh?" Thread

Any photos of the aftermath on that vehicle?
But then the drunk and stupid off themselves.

It's a net positive really :p
Nah typically the drunk and stupid breed. Alcohol kids are not fun to deal with.
Simple, don’t be a cunt to the fast food people. It’s a shit job.

Whenever I'm getting fast food and I see they're swamped and/or having a shit day, I tell them something like "don't worry, I've been in customer service for 20 years". The same line comes in handy when they let a swearword out and then rush to apologize.
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When the auction winner realized what they'd bought.


"You know, I really wanted to Promote Alexander. But there was that one time in 2022 when he spent $25 on dinner. We just can't have that"
"We fired Alexander in 2025. He went on the 2,000 employee purge."
"Really? Who else?"
"Dunno, I just remembered his name on top of the list"

Here's some career advice: Never ever fucking do this. If the hotel room service staff killed him I wouldn't prosecute.
Although it's unlikely, I hope the hotel charged Alexander's company for a new coffee machine. Probably more than the 'fancy dinner' would've cost.
Alex is stupid

I can’t believe that something this ugly actually floated. Must have been because the Earth itself was repelled.