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Mar 6, 2005
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A friend of mine gave me this idea.

Someone gives a start and end page on Wikipedia, and the player has to get from one to the other. BUT they can only click on links in the body of the article (or in the categories at the bottom), and they cannot go back if they don't like the choice they made. The player posts the progression of pages they went through, and then a new challange.

Go from Microsoft:
to Brick:

How I got there:
Microsoft > Windows > Windows (disambiguation) > Window > Roof > Building > Building material > Brick

So here goes.
Go from Intel:
to Pop-Tarts:
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Kinesiology > Physiology > Evolutionary physiology > Morphology > DNA analysis > Disease > Pregnancy > Prenatal diagnosis > Medical ultrasonography > Medical imaging > Image > Cathode ray tube :p

From Dingo to Rubiks cube
Dingo > Backpacker > Backpacking (wilderness) > Tourist attraction > Museum > Toy museum > National Toy Hall of Fame > Jigsaw puzzle > Category:Mechanical puzzles > Rubik's Cube

From Mercedes-Benz S-Class to Duct tape
Mercedes-Benz S-Class -> Seat belt -> Parachute -> Los Angeles -> American Broadcasting Company -> List of programs broadcast by American Broadcasting Company -> MacGyver -> List of problems solved by MacGyver -> MythBusters -> List of MythBusters episodes -> Rube Goldberg Machine -> The Incredible Machine -> Cog (television commercial) -> Tire -> Polyester -> Polymer -> Ethylene-vinyl acetate -> Vinyl -> Polyvinyl acetate -> Adhesive -> Adhesive tape -> Duct Tape

That took waaaaaaaaaaay longer than it should have. Thought I had it in the bag at MacGyver but all the "duct tape" mentions weren't links.

So then:
Trojan Shrine -
50000 Quaoar -

Possible in 3 links.