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Coronet Peak>Queenstown>X-Men Origins: Wolverine.>Superhero film>The Dark Knight> Christian Bale>Equilibrium>Dominic Purcell>Prison Break.
National Novel Writing Month(NaNoWriMo) > San Francisco Bay > San Francisco > LGBT Rights in the United States > LGBT > Homosexuality > Safe Sex > Syphilis.

That was quite possibly the weirdest set of links I've had to go through and I hope anyone that uses this computer, doesn't end up looking at my history and become mortified.

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Naruto to LAME

See what I did there? ;)
^Aw, come on. We all know you're not a gay, syphilitic, amateur writer.

Right? :p
I was a little slower than you, but I went through homosexuality as well, albeit in fewer steps:D. I went through "The Great Gatsby".
^Aw, come on. We all know you're not a gay, syphilitic, amateur writer.

Right? :p

Not sure about the first 2, amateur writer definitely :p

Gah my satirical brain was just thinking if my parents somehow got a hold of this history, the next day I'd have men in pink suits with designer shoes and broadway musical songs playing in the bg lining up outside my house for some arranged marriage thing.
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Mother Teresa > Eastman Kodak > 35 mm film > Film > Lists of films > 1980s in film > Chuck Norris

KrAZ to Bugles
Anglo Australian Observ. > UK > Continental Europe > List of European countries > Portugal > Education in Portugal > List of School-related attacks > Murder of Yang Xin

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zaxxon - Axonometric projection - Perspective (graphical) #Foreshortening - Curvilinear perspective - M. C. Escher - Geometry - circle - pi - pi (disambiguation) - pi (film) - Clint Mansell

That probably could have been shorter.
W. Harmon Ray to Rockstar: INXS