The Wikipedia game

Renault Espace > Chrysler > United States > Presidents of the United States > Ulysses S. Grant > Matthew Arnold

Gliese 229 to Propel fitness water
Gliese 229 > hydrogen > electrolysis of water > water purification > drinking water > bottled water > Fiji Water > bottled water brands >Propel Fitness Water

Woot! Its been a while since I played this but I was on Wikipedia and I found a great one:

Blood to Polyester (film).
Blood>Blood(disambiguation)>Blood(2000 film)>2000 in film>Category:Years in film>Category:1981 in film>Category:1981 films>Polyester(film)

Definitely a different route than how I ended up at that page :lol:

Hyundai Genesis Coupe > United States > U.S. State > Illinois > List of towns and villages in Illinois > Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

For fun, give this a go:

My Best Friend Is A Vampire to Julius Caesar.
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My Best Friend Is a Vampire > USA > Christopher Columbus > Italy > Rome > Julius Caesar

Ghostbusters > New York Biltmore Hotel > New York City > United Nations Headquarters > United Nations > Spain > Catholic Church > Diocese > List of Roman Catholic dioceses (alphabetical) > Roman Catholic Diocese of Urgell

Digital mixing console to European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation
Digital Mixing console > Recording Studio > Disc Jockey > Earth Day > List of Environmental Issues > Smog > automobile > Tire > European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization.

Wikipedia to Under Armour
Wikipedia>United States>Institutions of higher education>Maryland>University of Maryland, College Park>Kevin Plank>Under Armour

Give me a sec to think of one. :)

Jacob Bernoulli to Golden Retriever
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That was a good one

IEEE 802.1X > Iphone > Assisted GPS > Global Positioning System > General Relativity > Mass-energy equivalence > Energy density > Compressed air

Go from Homo heidelbergensis to Dentyne
I'm sure there is a simpler way, but this was my route....

Homo heidelbergensis > Homo > Human > Australian Dollar > Australia > Australian Cuisine > Vegemite > Kraft > Cadbury > List of Cadbury products > Dentyne.

Entity-relationship model to HH-60 Jayhawk
Gary Cook > Manchester City F.C. > Premier League > Liverpool F.C. > Yossi Benayoun > Israel > Haifa District > Zevulun Regional Council > Kfar HaMaccabi.

Top Gear to Vacuum permittivity
The second city > norwegian cruise line > SS France > World War II > Soviet Union > History of the Soviet Union (1985-1991) > Religion in the soviet union > Bezbozhnik

Go from

Pop Tarts to Hydrostatic Equilibrium