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The world?s fastest street legal car


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Oct 4, 2004
:jawdrop: Shocked and surprised. click

edit: little preview


Is it me or do those rear tires look extremely big :?
i saw a viper today with 345's at the back,not a piece of cake either :twisted:
so all i need is 7's and i'm #1?

but still 8's is damn quick...a shame tho
that i could beat it around a road course
in my sandals :lol:
To be honest, i don't think this is the fastest steet legal vehicle in the world, i see many street legal drag cars here in michigan, plus it only has an insane acceleration. To my belive the Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans is trully the fastest streetlegal car with a top speed of 404kph thats about 251mph.
Ok, fastest, it may not be, but definitely the quickest.
There is a difference in fastest street legal and fastest street legal production car. A one-off car or limited production (less than 50) car that can go 250-300 mph is useless. It should be a car that can be easily reproduced for market.
Reminds me of an old early 80's Malibu in my town. It has the huge drag tires in the back and skinny ones in the front. The nice navy blue body looks completely unmodified, though, which is nicer than loading it with corporate decals and making it look like any other funny car (see photos above). I haven't found out yet whether it's all show, or if it can really go.
thats street legal!?
fbc said:
I dont care how fast it is - it's a Calibra - nuff said...

with an 11 liter engine

i'm gonna make one with a 15l, wanne bet it's even faster? :roll:
Thing is, it's not much of a Calibra, the engine, trans, axles, suspension is all new so only the lid is off a Calibra!

The car is a dragster so designed to do the standing quarter mile race, it's not supposed to go round a track.

It's road legal as it passes emission tests and has all the correct lights to allow it on the roads.

Not a huge fan of drag racing TBH but you have to respect the work that goes into the cars.