The WTF Japan thread

Moving in slow-mo (it's some maid cafe ad).
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Moving in slow-mo (it's some maid cafe ad).

Is it though? As far as I know, World Order is a Japanese band that does those sort of slow-mo videos.

Their first song.

In other Japanese WTF news, Do you love cats and their tails but can't own one? Worry not. Japan got you covered.



This time weird and funny commercials

Doesn't seem like actual noise canceling. More like a fork that plays other non-slurping sounds over bluetooth on a phone, when it's triggered by someone slurping.
When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you...
Rent a family.

Rent a family. - instead of adressing the problem at the root (loneliness), you throw some money at it.

That being said ... if you really dislike your real familiy or parts of it, that might just be the right amout of "fuck you" sending them pictures of you and your rented family.
Not really WTF, it's actually pretty cool. But this is something that will only happen in Japan.