No 56k: The_Finns Odyssey of foooooooooood.....

well after more than a year of cooking awesome things and always forgetting to take pictures I finally documented my latest oddessey

Boys and girls are you read for


You will need:

  • 2lb package of bacon thicker cut the better
  • 2lb of Italian sausage
  • BBQ Rub such as magic dust
  • BBQ sauce I like a modified Cattlemen's Original
  • A gross disregard for your body's wellbeing
  • Cheese

Heavy Frying pan.
First you take one 1lb package of bacon and make a bacon weave
normally i would say get the cheapest bacon you can but this is one of those situations where it pays to go for the thicker stuff since it doesn't stretch as much and is therefore easier to weave. Also be aware you will probably not use a whole package of bacon but thats ok we have other uses for it. Now is also a good time to throw the leftovers and the other package in the freezer.
There all done. Again the weave is not as tight as i would have liked but we were kind of on a schedule and weaving bacon is surprisingly hard especially as it warms up and becomes more floppy.
Sprinkle your weave with some of your rub. Again we used magic dust because it is awesome.
next take your chosen sausage and spread it in an even layer over the bacon weave. obviously you can't spread it like frosting i found the best way was to make a bunch of patties of equal thickeness roughly square shaped and place them on the weave using leftover sausage to weld the plates together.
So remember all that bacon you had in the freezer (for like 20min i hope) well you should totally slice it all up into bits. Now i like a chunkier bacon so i didn't mince just more of a rough chop. you also want to fry to your desired doneness.
As you can see i kind of overcooked the bacon. it was FAR TOOOOO crispy not that i want it flaccid but it was nearly burnt. Also note the glass jar for saving bacon grease... remember kids you always have to save your bacon grease for frying potatoes ALWAYS!!!!!
make sure you have a nice coating.
now we spread our cooked bacon evenly over the sausage layer.
Honestly i could have done with a bit more bacon i didn't think we had the coverage we needed. You can also see that we have made pepper jack sticks out of a block of cabot pepper jack. In retrospect the sticks left alot to be desired. If i were to do it again i would grate the cheese and mix it in with the cooked bacon to form a kind of bacon cheese matrix.
place the cheese so it will end up in the center
now start rolling the whole thing up like a jelly roll
almost there
almost there
and done. We actually fucked that part up. After we had it all rolled up we realized we were only supposed to roll up the sausage and the cooked bacon while leaving the weave to be rolled around the out side too sort of act as a sealing layer.
you can see the cheese poking out a bit on the end there. We pinched the ends closed
Behold the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

so after you have your Bacon Explosion all rolled up you place it on your smoker to cook slow and low at 225 for about 1hr per inch of diameter or until an internal temp of 165. This one took about 3 hours which was just about right on the money. Now once ours hit an internal temp of about 160 we quickly opened the smoker and glazed the outside with our modified Cattlemens. just a note i was cooking with apple wood all day no it was apple smoked not hickory smoked.

And here is the end result.
The sauce cooked down to a nice shiny glaze without burning. Man i think it looks pretty beautiful.
Didn't seal it quite as well as we would have liked some of the cheese oozed out as it melted.
and the first slice. See that nice pink smoke ring thats the apple smoke doing it's magic.
More slicing.
god i am starting to drool just looking at these pictures.
All sliced up in it's glistening porky majesty...
Ready to eat on a paper plate.
and this is the scene not even 15 minutes after service started... all gone.

Now credit where credit is due. This is not my recipe it is from the mad men over at BBQAddicts

i am going to try and keep this thread a little more up to date... we shall see what happens.

EDIT: Also apparently i cannot edit my first post to add this to the index. i assume it has something to do with when we switched over the forums.
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Now i have to try that bacon roll... Soon... Very soon...
Jesus Christ. Everything in this thread is making me hungry like I'm a rabid wolf.
... that can?t be legal. It just can?t. Nothing that awsome is ever legal ...
well after more than a year of cooking awesome things and always forgetting to take pictures I finally documented my latest oddessey

Boys and girls are you read for



You, good sir, are my hero :cool: