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things that help you sleep


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
i have bad sleepin problems. i cnat sleep till like 2-3 in the morning and i have to wake up at 7.20 for school.


warm milk

doesnt work.

Yes, a book. I had the same problem, read a book, and read as long untill your eyes begin to hurt, then read a few more untill you can't focus on the letters anymore. then it's time to sleep.

Since I read I haven't had ANY problem..
right on, i belive the boringer the book the betteR? i think i'll read text books from now on. i have big exams in bout 1 week. i might ask for a ban for 1 month to save my education
No I read interesting books, you're not gonna read boring books every night.
I read Paranoia from Joseph Finder now, quite interesting.
but then if i get bored, wont mind my opt for sleep? hey u know we run on a 25 hour clock in our mind? i read that in my psychology text book
yeah but if you have to read to get to sleep the fun will be over after a week, try reading the phonebook...it's not fun and you won't do that long.

Get a nice book from some online bookstore with a high rating and interesting story and start reading. I read books because I like to know how the story is gonna end, but it's also nice I can sleep well after it.
You're waiting for someone to say
"Try a Danish girl!", aren't you?

Well, you can't let the time that you first feel sleepy pass. But reading is one of the best ways.
I used to read a lot before sleeping, that realy helps, but TV works for me to. I dont like to listen music when I try to sleep, i play on guitar, and if I hear the sound of it, I just cant sleep :)
Learn some meditation-techniques or self-hypnosis. Check the alternative section in a bookstore, they'll probably have some books on the topic.
mancs said:
I used to read a lot before sleeping, that realy helps, but TV works for me to.
Unless you're sick like me and MUST watch the end of the show on TV ;) I usually doze away for a couple of minutes, really time to sleep you'd say. But no no I have to wake up and watch till the show is over.
Reading works best for me, I usually fall asleep within 5 mins :)
Hmm, the main thing for me is to goto sleep the same time everynight. Like for me its 10:45, but on the weekends that different. Just get into a rhythm during the week.

I also read every night, I prefer Tom Clancy novels. I think when you read for like 20 min before you goto sleep, you mind doesn't think about what you need to do tommorrow, what you did the day before, etc. It just gets your mind relaxed so you can sleep.

I also have one of those alarm clocks that play the soothing sounds. Mine has 8 of them, I prefer the jungle one that has cricket sounds and a frog, its pretty kool. I find it really hard to sleep without it unless I'm exhausted. Those should really help you out.

That what I do, I have sleeping problems sometimes, but I've learned to do what I wrote above, and I don't have as many sleeping problems as I used to.
jayjay29 said:
Hmm, the main thing for me is to goto sleep the same time everynight. Like for me its 10:45, but on the weekends that different. Just get into a rhythm during the week.

I agree with that... on weekdays when I have to wake up at 6:30 in the morning... I make myself go to bed around 10:30-11:00... after a few days, you'll automatically feel tired... but that isn't good for staying up late on weekends... you get so tired once it hits 11pm :lol:
take a suana or if you can't then a hot shower/bath is the next best thing. Reading helps me too.

When I was a kid I could never sleep on Christmas Eve becasue I was so anxious to rip open presents. I had always heard that counting sheep helps people fall asleep, so I tried just counting and I fell asleep before I even got to 30. I've tried it at other times in my life when I just could not fall asleep and it always seems to work when nothing else will.

But for the past 7 years or so, I haven't had any problems sleeping. Usually I'm out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow and I never want to get up in the morning!

So for me, falling asleep isn't the problem: the hard part is waking up :)
Leppy said:
Raider007 said:
music helps me...

Same. I chuck a Cafe Del Mar cd on and have that play quietly for half an hour and it turns itself off.

I'm usaully out way before it turns off.

i listen to music as well... http://digitallyimported.com/chillout/ works best for me provided you have the bandwidth for streaming music

I have to echo the reading comment, even though its happened to me twice in the last week. I have been reading for my exam tomorrow morning (at 7:45am :x) and both times I have fallen asleep, when not meaning to.

When exams or projects aren't bearing down on me, I usually watch TV (or DVD), but watch something I have seen before so that I know the ending, and don't stay up to see the end. I have tried reading, but I find that reading doesn't tire me enough to actually fall asleep when its something I actually want to read. I need to order some books, since I have read most of the ones I have (that are novels, I have read very little of my textbooks). On my list is Cryptonomicon, HHGTG, and Angels and Demons.

Then there are other nights that I pass out in my chair from doing work, I don't reccomend trying that...