Things you see when looking at vehicles.

When all the photos appear to be 20-30 years old.

This does not look quite right.


Wifey is nagging me to sell my baby. I gave her word I would make an attempt. SMDH
So up for sale is my 94 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. 200K miles. Doesn't burn a drop of oil. I roasted the tires on her for a block long and blew the trans. So I just put a trans in her from a 2004 chevy impala. The only thing this car needs is a new exhaust system. She has 2 cats, 2 mufflers, 2 resonators. It will only set you back $1,200 hundred dollars. Personally I think it sounds bad ass. I wouldn't fix it if I were you. It's just fine the way it is.
Parts I replaced in the last 2-3 yrs- new alternator, new plug and wires, new cap and rotor, new radiator, new air shocks in the rear, new shocks up front, new brakes and rotors, new heater core, entire A/C system brand new, new ignition coil, O2 censors 3 yrs ago, tie rods inner and outer. The battery could use a charge or replaced. It still fires up but sounds a little weak.
This car always starts no matter what. I wouldn't think twice about jumping in it and pulling a semi to Florida. It has the LT1 350 in it. This engine is very powerful and hauls serious ass.
If you are interested and have $1,200 dollars cash we can talk.
I will consider a barter as well. I need a snow plow for my craftsman riding mower. Power tools, things to go Hunting with , I will look at all barter offers, I can even throw the wifey in if your trade is worth more than mine.
She is still in pretty good shape, she rides pretty good, her rocker panels have no rust, she can go from zero to bitch in .2 seconds and makes a funny noise when pissed, it sounds like bitch, bitch, bitch, nag, nag, nag. I have no idea 95% of the time why it makes that noise? I tried a can of PB blaster on the squeak. OMG, it made it worse. It wasn't very impressed at all. Here is a bonus, its now an "Antique" She qualifies for antique plates. Never have to renew the plate ever again!!
So humor me, get me out of my house and into my garage or into the great wilderness!!!! What do ya have to help ease my pain!?!?! I will look at all offers, doesn't mean I will accept them. Ric

Yeah, that would be stuffing a FWD trans into a FWD car.

Is it the dog or the van for sale?
I am not looking at minivans. (not that there is anything wrong with that.)It was in the main listings that scan through. The dog just made it stand out.
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96 caprice cop car - $650

96 caprice cop car for sale. Has had a gnarly life thus far and is ready to be well used by another brave soul. PROS: One pipe broke off of the passenger side while the car was pulling through a tornado and the drivers side exhaust is still in perfect condition ready to shoot bald eagles straight into the sky.
-Paint job helps hides some of the rust and is easy to touch up with rustoleum cans.(comes with cans)
-ALL of the shocks are trashed which is an obvious upgrade. Now you can pass all of those stock suspension cars at the dunes and run with the big dogs.
-front sway bar links are toast so you can post REAL flexing posts instead of being one of those posers who still has their links attached.
-Ready to off road at any time.
-Tires are in stupendous condition with 70ish% tread and a spare in the trunk!
-it's a police car so the interior is mainly vinyl and plastic with an entirely rubber floor (easy to clean blood off of everything).
- Spotlights work sometimes.
-driver rear brakes are pretty shot but on the plus side it makes it easier to break both wheels loose for a smokeshow burnout.
-Radiator had a hole in it but has been patched and hasn't even thought about leaking for the past few hundred miles.
-windows work great with a little help from passengers.
- it's fast... your buddies won't like getting passed all the time.
-oil was just changed so you're going to have to wait to change it.
- can only cook 4 hot dogs at a time on the manifolds..
Aaand I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Call or text Beans at

BONUS: comes with a 30 pack of PBR!


The car's a POS, but the owner has a sense of humor.
Oh but it's a caprice! Best car ever! :p
[h=2]Off-Road 1994 Buick Roadmaster - $800[/h] Always wanted to take the family sedan off-roading? Look no further than this 1994 Buick "Radmaster". This beauty handled the 2018 Detroit gambler 500 like it was a Sunday morning stroll.

5.7L LT1 V8
Custom cracked exhaust manifold makes all the noises
Welded diff for painting elevens on your neighbors driveway
32" BFG Baja Champions all around (They only rub when your fat friends ride in the back)
Dank wood paneling
52" light bar
Custom trunk lock
Welded frame reinforcements
Trailer hitch for towing fellow gamblers out of terrain so gnarly only the "Radmaster" could handle it

Turns out radiator fans don't like splashing in water. The car will slowly overheat unless you are moving because of the broken fans. Quick and cheap fix
Rear passenger side door wont open. Think of it as a permanent child lock
Doesn't have a snorkel. Could really use a snorkel. Wish I had installed a snorkel

This car does not disappoint. Asking price is $800

"Picture drifting through mud on your grandfather's sofa" - Motortrand

"The Radmaster is a timeless classic. The wood paneling really takes me back to the 50s" - Jay Lano

"This off-road beast will have wrangler owners everywhere cowering" - Car and Drivers