This car MUST be in the first series

Once again, nobody said it would be $150K. That is the price of the new 7-Litre HSV, not this.
Production versions would be $50-$60k
Agreed, this is not the place to discuss the price of the other car. My comment seems to have sent a few of us down the garden path.

Still a car that I wouldn't drive. :)
Am I the only one who thinks they should have as few Falcadores as possible on Aussie Top Gear? After all, they'll run out of models after two episodes.

Review Ferraris, not Falcons. Carreras, not Commodores. (if you get what I mean)
Not at all Deano.

I have said many times that Aussie-made Holdens and Fords should feature no more than three times a series. One Ford/FPV test, one Holden/HSV test and a comparison test. I just think this should be the Holden one. :grin:
I don't know if the type of cars are that big of an issue. For some car fans yes, but I know when I started watching Top gear I wasn't that interested in cars but it was the entertainment value that got me into the show. I'm now interested in cars so its win-win.

When they do those tests of really cheap cars and do challenges, nobody cares what type of cars they are...its all the fun of watching them stuff things up that makes it entertaining.

The scary thing is that Wheels and Motor magazines always put Falcons and 'dores on the covers because it makes the magazine sell better. I hope that the TV show doesn't have to do resort to the same thing to get the ratings...
I'm a proud member of the 'please for the love of god, no falcodores' club. ;-)
I'm a proud member of the 'please for the love of god, no falcodores' club. ;-)

No falcadores at all is a little unrealistic for an Aussie car show. In fact, if they weren't going to show any Aussie cars, what would be the point of making our own version at all?
I would like to see Falcodores in controlled doses, too. Sure, you can't have an Aussie car show without them, but you don't need them every week. I really hope the producers of TGA can restrain themselves from turning TGA into a live action version of Motor magazine, however if SBS management have put pressure on Freehand to produce something to provide maximum ratings ... well, expect Falcodores every week (it's called the Wheels Effect ...).
Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing them in the challenges. Or the segments were things are completely destroyed. :)
If they make that car and it does look the same as that, $150kAUD is steep, but look at Aston's DBS. 50K (GBP) more than a DB9 for a manual gear box and some carbon fibre, yet they have a queue for the things, and they can't make 'em fast enough. This concept looks great, looks more grown up and less moronic than the VXR8 or R8, whichever part of the world your from. Got quad side exhausts too :mrgreen:. You just don't see those sort of things that often on production cars now days. If I had the money.... dream...dream...dream :thumbup:
Looks great (except for the harnesses) but I can't help feeling Holden is trying to reproduce a car with the popularity of the original Monaro. If it can step away from that stigma then it should be great car. It just looks fantastic!

They should try to get the EFIJY, possibly the most beautiful concept car to grace the face of the earth.

And to continue with my dreams, a Walkinshaw.

After the EFIJY did the rounds at the world's motorshows there were a lot of very rich people who offered large amount of money to get their hands on a production EFIJY. Alas, nothing has come of it so far.

As for this Coupe 60, there haven't been any announcements about putting it into production either. I can't wait for the Sydney motor show so that I can see it in the metal.
It looks great but not worth anywhere near $150k

Oh for God's sake, not again.

This car is not planned for production and Holden have never said anything about pricing for any possible future production version. The $150K mentioned earlier was the price for a completely different car.