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This Is So Worng......

Z3R0 117

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Sep 11, 2005
Sideways Catch My DRIFT?
And Yes I Know It Belongs in the Carbage Thread...
*and im also to lazy to go see if anyone has all ready posted it*

Im Even a Star Wars Geek But this is to much...

poor poor Del Sol....
well, the car is old, I've seen pics of it floating around the intarweb before...

I wouldn't make fun of him on t'Interweb. He's a Jedi Knight y'know.
I like to give a picture of that car to JC and ask him to put it on the cool wall.

He'd probably look at the wall, turn left and start running :p
that is the greatest del sol of all time :mrgreen:
Porsche-Superiority said:
another Star Wars worshiper....
I wonder how much money did he spend on his intergalactic battleship?
probably not half as much as i am gonna spend on mine! :wicked: