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This is what I have to work with.


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Jan 15, 2005
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The computer at work is O L D and soooo outdated it's not even funny (to me anyway).

Opening any application takes forever, downloading the smallest update takes 30-45 minutes for a few megs.

See the specs for yourself:

I have hinted in a less then subtle way at my boss about buying something new and getting appropriate internet hook-up for a business but nothing came out of it so far.

It's a good thing I mostly do stuff that doesn't require use of the computer or I would be sleeping half way through the day waiting for it to catch up to me. :?
I'm pretty sure ours are just as bad..

I never close it cause it takes 20 FUCKING minutes to boot it up again!

it's crazy!
736 MHz is slow these days, but just a few years ago it really wasn't. Like 1 GHz was pretty decent at the beginning of 2002.
Actaully, you don't need much RAM with older versions of windows, though a bit more would help. What you really need is a 10th story window to toss the tower out of.
ME is appropriately nicknamed "Memory Eater", for a reason.

I say, knock it down or kick it, say it was an accident. ;) :p

I guess its okay since you don't need to use that often.
jayjaya29 said:
I say, knock it down or kick it, say it was an accident. ;) :p

They'd probably just replace it with another outdated beauty that would make a better footstool than a PC. I always thought of ME as "Migraine Edition" since that's what I'd usually get from it. XP is my hero.
Renesis said:
ME crashes more often than I post.


i used it for a while, didn't have any big problems with it, just changed to 2000 caus everybody was laughing at me
Dial up??? Wow that's bad, that's even bad for home, yet alone for office/business use. :?
Roman said:
What about 64 megs of RAM ?
And a dial up in a business ?
And running Millenium as an OS ?

'driving me nuts. :bangin:

That is insane. I can't imagine not having a powerful machine at work. I would probably go crazy.
What kinda work do you do if I may ask?

Lucky for you it doesn't involve much pc work as you said. But anyway, what kind of company has a 48k internet connection? I don't think no Belgian internetprovider provides such a slow connection.

By the way, my old pc i use at home is an AMD Duron 1000mhz with 256mb ram and it can pull XP easily.
Roman said:
BTW, did anyone notice the small yellow icon in the system tray ?

That's right, we're also graced with Norton as an anti-virus !! :cry:

Oh, jeeze, how does that thing even function!?
Norton is indeed true horror on old (and even on new..) machines. It eats up all your ram and three quarters of your clock cycles, and don't even dare to try to open the control panel.

But anyway, the good thing about old computer is that it's very cheap to upgrade them. 20 euro's and you get like 256 mb ram which will be much, much smoother. 64 is just too little when you are used to have more than 1 application open in the same time.

It's a shame how your employer reduces the productivity of his employees just by denying them some basic hardware and things like broadband internet. It would cost him really not that much...