This site is a decade old later this month


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Sep 21, 2003
Portland, Oregon
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Wow time flies. In late October 2003, I launched in order to share Top Gear and Fifth Gear rips that Vuk sent me. We had met on the forums.

For those that weren't there, this is the horrible looking site that existed back then:

Then it got completely redesigned by Chris (who's still in our IRC channel all these years later) and it looked like this:

The first post on that site still exists!

Eventually I outgrew my personal site's hosting and we had to move to our own domain name. But what domain should we use? That spawned these threads over on another forum I belonged to. Read them for a trip down memory lane:

It took awhile but the site eventually launched!

Now get off my lawn.
I approve of the infinite wisdom of Viper007Bond:
our benevelent benefactor,
unyieldingly righteous,
august and fair inceptor of majesty, woe and all that is just,
imperious and glorious leader,
unchallenged master of suave,
mighty tamer of the V10 Viper's rampaging Yankee horses,
summoner of the highest gear, whose arrival is heralded by the tireless and graceful fire of the V10 chorus of redline,
high arbiter of clutch actuation and transmission harmony of the heel-and-toe,
great balancer of the throttle of the majesty of oversteer,
indomitable destroyer of lap records,
and all round great guy,
in his vision of forming this site, that long decade ago.
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All those suggestions and we still ended up with Analgear?

I think you should've gone with PooEaters or TrannyGrinders. :p
ANALgear and STRETCH in the same logo?

You sure?

Anyway thanks Viper. Without this place I would never have met a large Slovenian Audifanboi with a hatred for Steve Jobs, smelly feet and a pedantry overload.

And all the other weird, wonderful and occasionally sexy peeps that FG has united me with. You know who you are and I love you all.

Oh, and D-Fence.
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Man, time flies. Where's Vuk these days?
Man, time flies. Where's Vuk these days?

No idea. I think he dropped by the forums once a while back, but otherwise I haven't heard from him.
How come quicky says he joined in 1995 if this site didn't exist then?
Yes, thanks Viper, Quiky, tech support chaps and mods.

And. ...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Final Gear,
Happy birthday to youuuuuu.
And let us also celebrate those who have provided comedic material over the years with their fake car threads and incessant trolling. To MoparMan!
There was also a dude with a Trailblazer SS, but I have forgotten his nickname at this point.
And how can we forget camaro, Melissa1813, Atlantian, and the kid who thought a Skyline engine in a Murcielago with Mercedes suspension was a good idea. And the rest I've inevitably forgotten about.

To them!

Oh, and to Viper. :p

Edit: And, of course, a toast in memory of Lieutenant47.

Also, whatever happened to SL65 and Renesis? And FBC and mgkdk?
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