This site is a decade old later this month

Make the design look like it's decaying from 10 years in the wash already.
Happy Birthday FG and bring on 10 more years!

And thank you all who keep this place running!
thanks for all the work AND putting up with the lot of us
Happy 10th Birthday Final Gear!!! I joined early on in the sites life and I can't wait to see where the site goes in the coming years.. Thanks so much to everyone from the sites creator to the average members. What a community we have started...
Damn, I look at that list of users who haven't logged in in ages, somehow I want to believe many of them are still lurking. I remember many of them showing me the way round when I inadvertantly tried to buy the backside of a Koenigsegg vest in between making signatures.
Fuck! I'm such a n00b still. :(
How can we forget about Trico ExactFit wiper blades? And all those other lovely bots?
Well, Happy Birthday FinalGear!

It has been an honor to be part of the community (even though I've been absent lately, running my own automotive site) and I've met some awesome people along the way. We've celebrated birthdays, births and I've found nothing but the best support & friendship here. Gotta thank Viper for everything he's done, and the rest of the team for making sure FinalGear stays up & kicking ass.

Here's to (at least) 10 more!
Ditto all of the above,

Happy 10th Birthday Final Gear. :cheers:

Thank you Viper for setting up the site & Forums and all the systems & moderators team for keeping it sane.


Sad to remember the Lieutenant who passed away.

"Dogleg" for the LOLs and I wonder what ever became of Otto?

Thanks Vipe... I haven't posted here in a looooooong time but I still visit at least once a week and have done since pretty close to the start.

Congrats on the anniversary and thanks again. :)

Thanks for making this possible Viper! this site rocks, I still remember the old days.. good memories! :)
Thanks for making this possible Viper! this site rocks, I still remember the old days.. good memories! :)

You're still alive? And you were 16 when you started posting? Were kids allowed to be on the Internet back then? :eek: :p