This site is a decade old later this month

Good to see this place is still kicking on.

:cheers: Happy 10th Birthday Finalgear :cheers:
I don't remember how I found out about Top Gear and Fifth Gear, but it was back in 2004. I stumbled upon Final Gear and have been forever thankful for the service it provides to the whole world, not just the US audience. Above all else, it brought many people together and helped to form strong friendships.

So, cheers to 10 years and looking forward to another 20-30-40 years. I can just see us in our 80s on this site.
You're still alive? And you were 16 when you started posting? Were kids allowed to be on the Internet back then? :eek: :p

haha yes, I knew viper from other forums before this place even existed, and yes, I'm still alive but not being single means less time for this kind of stuff!
I think we should all volunteer to PM or email an absent member and try to coax them back. Remind them what a community we have here and how awesome this place is.
Happy birthday Final Gear, and congatulation to the team. Thanks for all the work done.

Anyone remember Izari who thought his phone was better than a blowjob and liked to include his BMW keys every time he took a picture of something?
Cheers for the site guys, was a godsend back in the days before on demand services and YouTube! Anything was better than jabbas crap rips! Can't believe I've been wandering around here for so long....
:hmm: who drives a 10cly car and has a 10 year old website?


facebook said:
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Damn, got beaten to it ...
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Congrats on the anniversary, and thanks to Viper, Quiky, PacketCollision for giving us all this kind of online home.

And cheers to the many, many forum members who make this an awesome place. :)
I hope I am not too late to drop a happy birthday to the site!
Without you guys we might still be stuck with jabba the hut rips :lol:
Muchas gracias to finalgear and Vuk for delivering us from the hands of Jabba.
Fashionably late, but happy 10th to Final Gear. Thanks for providing us an alternative means for our Top Gear (and Fifth Gear) fixes!
Eight years here. Fuck.
Awesome. Happy Birthday and here's to another 10 years!
VERY late, but Happy Birthday Final Gear!
Oh man I used to come to Viper just for the links to the torrents. I love this place - I really should post more. Holy crap I've been on here forever!

I am really, REALLY late. Happy ten years to Final Gear. The eight years I have been here I have watched many of you grow up, graduate, the career and kids. Really, this place is my second family. Because of Final Gear I got into photography, became more worldly and less ignorant.

2011 I went through a terrible time with my divorce and before I attempted to commit suicide I came here first hoping someone, anyone would talk me out of it, I needed that little shaft of light in my then very dark world. And you all were there. So Final Gear, you saved a life also over the course of ten years of existence.
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