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Feb 11, 2007
Wollongong, Australia
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Free tickets for Nine?s Top Gear Australia are now available for shoots to be recorded at Bankstown Aerodrome in Sydney.

Available dates are:

Wed 25th Aug 2010 ? Time: 17:45
Wed 1st Sep 2010 ? Time: 17:45
Tue 7th Sep 2010 ? Time: 17:45
Fri 10th Sep 2010 ? Time: 17:45

Max 4 x tickets per person/booking. The recording usually lasts between 17:45pm ? 20:30pm

The series is being prouced by Freehand (which previously produced it for SBS) and stars Shane Jacobsen, Ewen Page and original cast member Steve Pizzati.

For more info visit Applause Store.
It's worth it, if only to have a chance to chat with Pizzati after the show. :D
Might see if I can get some tickets. Need to talk to Shane about one of our toilet cisterns (repair or replace?). Only day I'm free is Wed 1st :(
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I've applied for tickets for September 10th, but I fear that it just won't be the same without Warren. He and Steve had the right kind of chemistry for TopGear.
Going to try to get some again Tone?

I'm thinking about it. I wouldn't mind going on a road trip again.

Its a long drive from Adelaide.

Not as long as you'd think. There's plenty of nice (and not so nice) blacktop between Adelaide and Sydney where one can stretch their chariot's legs. ;)

And you're right about Wazza. I'm going to miss him. :(
Whoa, after looking at that form to register on the applause store, I'm suprised they don't want to know what you have on your toast in the morning, or if you shake 2 or 3 times when your done taking a leak.
^ Applied - Yes .... Heard Back - No

Although since making an account on the Applause Store site (and applying) ... I've had 3 e-mails about TGA tickets being available.
So I applied yesterday and accidentally clicked the 25th and got an email last night saying I got my 2 tickets.

I also applied for the 10th of sept that I'd much rather go to. So let's see what happens there.
Wow, Freehand are great.
I wanted to take my mate for his birthday. Turns out I got tickets to the one he couldn't go to. So I emailed Freehand and they called me about an hour ago and changed the ticket dates for me :)
10th it is.

Too bad my mate can't go to that either hahahaha
...Who to take...
Got my tickets for 1st of September. Luckily it coincides with uni holidays. Sydney here I come :D
It was a good night in all, starting with the pub a few metres down the road, and then roast beef rolls from Courtney the Caterer while queuing. Filming went till almost 10pm, and the hosts and producer were still quite chatty beyond that.

Having not bothered with TGA after the first couple of season one episodes, tonight's work was quite refreshing - I might even check out season two.

Two non-spoiler spyshots:
You were allowed to take a camera in the hanger with you? :blink:

So what happened? What were the reviews? How did the new host work together?
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Note this is just my experience from last night: While there are a couple of places they state 'no (video/still) cameras allowed', it seems they really mean 'no photography/videoing' as a couple in the audience were walking around with shoulder-slung camera bags sizeable enough to take an SLR and lens or two. (Security, however, were enforcing the 'no food or drink' rule for those entering the hangar with hot coffee in hand - though closed bottles in pockets weren't a problem).

There were a handful with small point-and-shoots, and many had their phone-cameras out, though most people snuck shots between takes and during set-ups. Thankfully there didn't appear to be flashes during takes. The presenters, especially Steve, were more than happy to have photos taken while shots were being set up. It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Running through the house-rules at the start, they raised the point of people blabbing about the features they'd seen, followed by a stern "Don't", but then countered immediately with a joking "Ha, as if we can do anything about it". So I happily stole shots, along with many others, on my phone when not on camera - I didn't see any of the production staff take issue.

However, chatting with the Producer at the end, he gave an exasperated "We wish people didn't, but we just can't enforce it." Which is fair enough, they don't want spoilers out there.

As for the new hosts dynamic, (and not having watched any of season two) it's good to see they're no longer trying Jeremy, Richard and James impersonations, but have their own characters.
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