Tiff Needell's 20 Cars That Changed The World


Mar 30, 2019
Recently I was doing research into each of the home videos released for Top Gear, up to and including writing articles for them on the Top Gear Wiki, when I discovered that former presenter Tiff Needell had made two of his own; Burning Rubber, which was more or less a clone of the far more successful Clarkson videos, and the video mentioned in the thread title. This DVD is interesting purely because of one thing: All of the footage used is from episodes of Old Top Gear. On the left is a screencap from the DVD found via IMCDb, on the right is a screencap from my personal OTG collection:



Though they've cropped the clips for 16:9 (as evidenced by me forgetting to clip the VHS screencaps at the top for comparison purposes), this DVD is basically the holy grail for Original format Top Gear. Considering it was a very obscure release that nonetheless is fairly ubiquitous on eBay, I'd love to know if any member on here happens to own a copy.
I have that same rip as yours I think. It's 415mb and appears to be from a DVD. I'd like to find all those old Top Gear specials from the original series.

From the wikipedia page:
  • 1994 – Super Cars. Presented By Jeremy Clarkson And Tiff Needell (62 min). (Found this)
  • 1994 – Classic Cars. Presented By Quentin Willson (65 min).
  • 1997 – Fast & Furious. Presented By Jeremy Clarkson And Tiff Needell (77 min). (Found this)
  • 1998 – Classic Cars: Aston Martin. Presented By Jeremy Clarkson (45 min).
  • 1998 – Classic Cars: Porsche. Presented By Tiff Needell (45 min).
  • 1998 – Classic Cars: Ferrari. Presented By Chris Goffey (45 min).
  • 1998 – Classic Cars: Jaguar. Presented By Quentin Willson (45 min).
  • 1999 – Top Gear: 21 Years. Presented By Kate Humble, preproduction/promotional release (29 min).
  • 2000 – Fast & Furious II. Presented By Tiff Needell, With Clarkson, Willson And Butler-Henderson (72 min). (Found this)

And these specials:

Top Gear Turns Back The Clock21 October 1980
Top Gear Special: A Ring Around London3 November 1982
Top Gear Special: Belt Up29 January 1983
Top Gear Special: Rust13 March 1984
Top Gear On The Grid3 June 1988
Top Gear Car Of The Decade22 September 1988
Top Gear: Motor Show Special22 October 1992
Top Gear: Reverse Gear24 December 1992
Top Gear: Rolls Royce Alpine Challenge (Found this)20 December 1993
Top Gear: Christmas Special 199422 December 1994
Top Gear: Klausen Run5 January 1995
Top Gear: Classic and Sportscar Show7 May 1995
Top Gear: The Oh So Beautiful Bugatti (Found this)1995
Top Gear Special: The Search for the Silver Arrow (Found this one on YouTube in parts, sadly 1 part is missing due to copyright)22 April 1996
Top Gear Live20 July 1996
Top Gear: London to Brighton (Found this)19 December 1996
Top Gear Special: Ferrari – The Italian Legend (Found this)1996
Top Gear Special: Aston Martin (Found this)1997
Top Gear Live15 May 1997
Top Gear: The TVR Story (Found this)22 December 1997
Top Gear Live23 May 1998
Top Gear: Blood, Salt and Tears – 100 Years of the Land Speed Record (Found this)21 December 1998
Top Gear: Motor Show 199924 October 1999
Top Gear: 21 Years of Top Gear16 December 1999
Top Gear Awards10 February 2000
Top Gear Awards11 February 2001
Top Gear: Value Special26 July 2001
Top Gear Awards4 February 2002

Still lots out there to collect. Whether or not it exists in a digital format is another story.
tiff also made a vids "the crashes that changed racing" and "ultimate strike planes"
and i have a 700mb rip of burning rubber