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Tiff vs Geek


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
On the gadget show this week, there is a test between Tiff and someone who plays driving simulators in his spare time.

I'll go rip it now if anyone is interested in this.
yup that segment was good
i am interestd in this fo sho!
Gadget Show is actually one of the best programmes on C5. And its easily digestable. Im no technophobe, but its a nice programme regardless. :thumbsup:
Spoiler alert (in case you're downloading it): Tiff

Actually it was quite a good segment.

I've been a fan of Gadget show since it started a few years ago. Anyone who doesn't like Jon Bentley on Fifth Gear won't like this as he's in every episode of Gadget show, but even my Mum likes it, and she can't handle technology. For me it can get a bit tedious as there's often bits where they explain stuff I already know, but can still be enjoyable.