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Time on the Site


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Jun 4, 2004
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is it just me or is the time on the site 1 hr slower... I already set the correct time zone GMT+8 but it gives me the wrong time... is it something to do with Daylight savings because we don't have that shit here
if you got the right timezone but it's 1 hour off, check or uncheck the daylight saving thing
I couldn't find the Daylight Savings checkbox... I just made myseld GMT+9 so its alrite now... I just have to change it back when the Daylight savings goes back to normal... when would that happen?
That's what I had to, change my timezone and put a fake one :p
let me check

EDIT: yes, it's fucked up... I have to put GMT-4 instead of GMT-5
Mine seems normal

EDIT: It's fucked up.. Changed to -3
Fixed, minus that it's a few minutes fast.
Yeah it was fast... But that makes you feel good, doesn't it?

Viper007Bond said:
Fixed, minus that it's a few minutes fast.
Ehm.... I still need to set my time to GMT - 5 instead of GMT - 6.
Grrr, WTF, I added an hour in the control panel (GMT -6 -> GMT -5).

I'll look into it.

[edit] I hopefully fixed it. We'll see. The forum caches some stuff, so it may take a bit to update. [/edit]
I think it's right now.